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Esoteric insights

So are we all in agreement that “Consciousness” is the new term for the concept of God, Source, The Creator, Ancient Aliens...

The Infinite Mind at the Center of the Universe that Dreams the Life that is You!

no religion

This planet has gone through a looooong phase of Kali Yuga, which is essentially a time of Godlessness or Dark Ages (selfishness, greed, war).

These cosmological / metaphysical concepts have been in ancient cultural documentation going back to the Indian Puranas / Vedas, thousands of years before Jesus Christ popularized religion.

Many of us, through ignorance or fear of change, aren't capable of accepting that there has been a shift in this paradigm.

Simply put, we've been living on the Dark Side of a Cosmic Polarity for as long as mankind remembers. This has conditioned an intrinsic resistance to the idea that things are actually getting better. Doomsayers have now become political and the unwitting sheep have little choice but to follow the loudest shepherds.

Ignorance doesn't change the cosmic order of things though, Consciousness is rising as we transition into Dwapara Yuga!

One doesn’t have to buy into these ancient teachings, but to outright dismiss cosmic knowledge that has stood visible through the entire recorded history of mankind is a bit daft. Not everything man has ever written before today is superstitious nonsense by archaic savages from a lesser time. This notion is plainly ignorant. The lack of willingness to entertain the information of the past in favor of an unearned superiority complex is not a wise path to follow.

There's an entire planet of people who have been trying to come to terms with the existential changes happening in their lives over thousands of years. Some of these people have actually learned a thing or two.

Remember when everyone got in a huff over the apocalyptic threat of Mayan Calendar in 2012? Most people began to feel the "END OF THE WORLD!" might be possible, but where did they get this idea from exactly?

The News Media; the loudest Shepherd.

The uncertainty of the times was palpable. People listened to the media, but made no effort to truly understand what was written or what it was really trying to say. So they nervously feared, joked about it, prepared for the worst (to the point of building bomb shelters out of old missle silos).

People genuinely expected a "SHTF" (sh*t hits the fan) event, which insighted a lot of extremist views that are plaguing the planet today. Survivalists, Militias, Infowars, etc. Yet nobody was actually certain about anything, because they spent little to no effort to try and understand for themselves. And of course, nothing happened... or did it?

What the materialist view of the world misread with all that ancient scripture, was that the calendar prophecy pointed to a "METAPHYSICAL" death of the world.

Much like the symbolism embedded in the process of Hermetic Alchemy (Lead into Gold), the alchemist is not actually working with physical base metals. They are symbolic terms referring to the purification of the internal Self. Alchemy is a very real practice of spiritual purification similar to every serious YOGA & MEDITATION practice on the planet.

In retrospect, the concept of "1984" has manifested in ways that weren't apparent in the actual year of 1984, and so the Mayan Prophecy is unfolding in the same fashion.

It's not hard to see that 'Consciousness' and 'Matrix Theory' are hot topics these days, with thousands of youtubers expounding theories of "living in a simulation".

Alien / UFO Disclosure has escalated from Conspiracy Theory to full blown UFO Ranch 'Retreats', alongside it becoming a political expectation of the next Presidential Candidate.

TV shows like Ancient Aliens have evolved into full-blown TV networks like and the Enigma Channel. Not to mention, movies about human beings with super powers are now billion dollar blockbuster affairs, with new films being released every 6 months for a decade now.

What used to be "I Want to Believe" has morphed into "I Have to Believe" and finally into "I Do Believe".

Yoga and Meditation are absolutely everywhere now. Vegetarianism is on the rise with big brands like "Beyond Beef" and "Impossible Burger" making their way into fast food chains, even those who would never consider eating vegetarian are coming to terms with the idea.

Climate Concern and Human Rights are highly protest-able these days, with direct action groups like BLM, Antifa and Anonymous blossoming into more than just random blips on the radar, grounding themselves as full blown political movements across the globe.

Bad actors and shady dealers are being outed and exposed in every public arena, highly threatened by the positive action of the groups just mentioned.

Even the social taboo's of legalization are beginning to flourish in the light; with psychedelics like Ayahuasca and DMT Spiritual Retreats becoming household phrases.

Science is the big one though. When the pinnacle institution of the materialist world view starts to recognize something Spiritual is happening in Quantum Physics / Entanglement, that's writing on the wall.

Even Astronomy is becoming perplexed by the cosmic changes that go against everything we thought we knew about the Universe; desperate to understand why the BIG BANG is SPEEDING UP!!

It's as though The Universe is shifting itself in tangible ways, to proactively wake people up from their unconscious slumber of ignorance. Manifesting real world paradigms that facilitate the opportunity for individuals to recognize the Organic Conscious Entity that IS their environment.

Urging the population of the planet to wake up to this cosmic reality, for real. To genuinely cognize what Yogis and Zen Masters have been sharing for millenia, that there is a Higher Consciousness than mankind has been accustomed to... and it's time to face it openly, and adapt appropriately. Evolve.

There are very VISIBLE changes in play.

Even middle eastern governments are starting to recognize that excessive conflict isn’t the path anymore. Lebanese citizens are sick of their oppressive regime using state run media to lie to them, even their newscasters are walking off the job in shame and apology. As are many of the US newscasters like Shep Smith and his walkout followers that have also become disillusioned by the brainwash circus.

Russias 'Iron Curtain' isn't even immune to this shift in Consciousness, the people are waking up.

The Hollywood elite are being outed for their lude hypocrisy, with some of the most negative citizens in the world being jailed for their actions. People are no longer tolerating embezzlement, casual racism, bigotry, excessive violence, eco-destruction, etc. If you choose to support the dark side, you will pay the social/economic cost of that greedy decision.

Cancel Culture is Real.

Just consider how much things have changed in the last decade or so. Many of the most famous people in the world are no longer White men, nor are they just token / tin soldiers of a patronizing industry. They are highly successful A-List Actors, Sports Heros, Musicians, even American Presidents.

Meanwhile the entire LGBTQ community are now common themes in entertainment media, treated with the respect they deserve as the human beings they are. Alongside entitled Tech companies, News Corporations and Ecologically abusive industries being called to the mat for their misogynistic, racist or anti-humanity approaches to business.

The people are standing up for integrity.

Even on a smaller scale, people you know are recognizing that you ADOPT a pet these days, you don't BUY animals. They're also Recycling in earnest now, not for some political propaganda sentiment like "save the whales", but because they spiritually sense the writing on the wall... microsplastic in your child's food is not the way things should be.

The status quo isn't working anymore. Deep-rooted change is in the air on an existential level.

Admittedly, it's not Utopia. That said, if you study the Esoteric Philosophy written throughout this website, you'll come to understand this realm is not meant to be perfect. You can't have Yin without Yang. There will always be adverse bullet points to counter the argument, and there will always be people who choose to identify the negative as the dominant / winning side.

The point here is that this shift appears to have deeper roots in the Heart than decades past.

Which is exactly what the Hindu cosmotheology of The Yuga's, along with the Mayan Calendar Prophecy are trying to share with the world. There is a strong Metaphysical change happening on the planet, a change in Consciousness itself.

It's a new mindset: It's Cool to Care. People care more now. That’s the change, and you can see it.

For both better and worse, people are more passionate about their beliefs. More passionate about the things they Love (as misguided as some of those things are). They're opting to stand up and fight for what (they think) is right, as opposed to choosing the complacency that allowed this current state of affairs to fester into what it is.

"Consciousness" itself has been rising on a global scale, manifesting with a subtley increasing clarity from the 1960's through to 2012... then sh*t got real.

It appears that after 2012, new generations were being born with this Higher Consciousness intrinsically built-in, just knowing it like a natural Wisdom at birth. A decade later with 20/20 hindsight, you can actually see it in the way people are acting!

The foreshadowing of the past comes into focus!

A larger portion of the world population are beginning to wake up, intuitively recognizing the deeper meaning of humanity and it’s role on Earth. Accepting the intrinsic nature of what Life actually is, and how we're symbiotically living inside it.

This new mindset is permeating the zeitgeist of social Consciousness, which is manifesting as growing pains... as the Darkness is dragged kicking and screaming into the Light.

There’s a new energy on the planet, and while you may not understand it... you CAN understand it, by paying attention to the world in action!

It’s no longer about Coke, man.

consciousness cola

It’s all about Consciousness.
I's the Real Thing!

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