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Esoteric insights

”I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence. Believe me, everything that we call 'chance' today won’t make sense anymore. To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a Universal Intelligence and not by chance.”
~ Michio Kaku ~
(Theoretical Physicist / co-founder of ‘String Field Theory’)


In the 50+ pages of the HipSoul website, I have engaged multiple views regarding the inner workings of the human condition, the universe, esoteric practice and practical advice. If you’ve read more than a few pages, you’ll know I see things much like Michio Kaku in the quote above.

This was not always the case.

Years ago, I didn’t have any deep opinions on the meaning of Life. I didn’t buy into Religion; At all. I simply took Life as some weird trip to be endured. Even so, I was still going to entertain it as it’s meant to be played... but this 'survival' mentality slowly built walls around my mind. Walls that persistently closed in and made my internal world smaller and smaller, creating a form of bitterness and denial of things that "I" didn't like or agree with.

That’s not to say I didn’t believe there was SOMETHING to the harmonic complexity of this massive cosmic environment we all reside in… for example, the oddity of putting food in one's mouth somehow makes this strange contraption of a body stay alive, is difficult to completely write off as an astonishing serendipity of a dumb universe.

That’s not a 'dumb' Mother Nature; it’s a Feature... among many.

So I casually reasoned and believed that there IS something to it all… but from a pragmatic, rational perspective, I have to accept that I have absolutely No idea what it ACTUALLY is…

And neither does ANYONE else.

I presumed that we are not MEANT to know the details at this point in the game, if there were any. I brushed across various religious quotes over the years, and being a film fan, picked up plenty of religious ideologies from movies and television. Amused by them, but still not convincing me one way or the other.

Eventually I came to realize the bizarre level of anger and abhorrent crimes that lurk within large bodies of Religiosity, which was definitely not something I was interested in exploring very deeply.

So I avoided anything that smacked of Religion.

All I did was look for Fun… Good Vibes Only. I mean, what else is there really? If you want to go fight wars and injustice in the name of god, while inevitably regretting your decisions to harm other people (even “bad guys”)... go ahead, that’s your prerogative. Just stay the hell away from me.

And that sentiment created the deepest ‘Outlaw’ mindset that I ever held.

Viewing the world as a ball of religious zealots, always looking to disrupt the peace of life and interfere with other who don't think like them, slowly pushed me to see people as ‘the enemy’. Not in a serial killer way, but an anti-social way... always 'on guard'.

The perfect psychological environment for the seeds of Anxiety and Depression to sprout.

Eventually it became clear that this ‘paradigm’ was deeply ingrained in Government, The Military, even Nations… all over the world. They all run on this foundation of “Religiosity”, that I began viewing as the sole cause of the constant undercurrent of violence and conflict in the world. It was like a nightmare…

An inescapable world that insists it’s working for God; but acts like The Devil.

This environment naturally conditioned me to seek small groups of ‘like minds’ that I could relax with, while keeping the hyperconsuming brandwhore warpigs at arms length. US vs The Sheep.

Don’t get me wrong though, I'm just describing the Life you're living right now. I have plenty of friends, I'm a well tempered, likable person with a moderate education, steady job, etc… just like you. And just like you I was emotionally viewing the world from a place of Fear and Survival. Where every doctor's appointment, first date, getting up for work, taking my car in to get fixed and even just being alone; was something to stress about. An unenjoyable task that I generally felt a sense of dread towards... basically suffering anything that had to do with other people.

That viewpoint poisoned the world for me.

In fact, so many people in this world hold a variation of this viewpoint, you can visibly see it every single day; in the news, on the street, even in the members of your own house… and You.

You live in Fear.

You react to everything in your Life, every choice, based on a subtle Fear mindset. For example, the idea that winning the lottery is exciting, because you believe (falsely) that the security of money will make your Fear go away. We also like to tell ourselves that a sexual partner will somehow change Life into a perfect world, ignoring everything about the outside World that creates this Fear in you... so you desperately believe you need this someone to 'complete you', then after a few months with them you realize it didn't work.

You are still the same inside; Anxious and Depressed.

On a subconscious level, your entire paradigm of existence believes that somewhere you will find relief from your suffering, if only you can reach that next goal… and so you toil away trying to get further down a path that never actually ends.

Your Fear is deeper than just your physical security or your ability to stay entertained.

Even with a wife, kids, nice house, good job (or no job) and all the free time to do whatever you want… you will still Fear. You discover this when you get bored of all you have and you’re alone with yourself; you still feel the same. In fact, you feel worse… because now, ironically, you also Fear LOSING what you have, even though it’s not making you happy the way you thought it would.

You can’t get away from Yourself.

This is one of the things you learn from Meditation. You learn to Know Yourself, the hard way… by sitting with yourself and having a face-to-face conversation about what’s going on inside of you. Regularly, for a long period of time.

Doing the work to face Life directly; to face what really “is”.

Many people do this of their own accord at some point in their existence, while others get pushed into it from circumstances in their Life that finally become untenable. When it’s the latter, this process comes with serious existential implications that insist on reconciliation. It’s this ‘trauma event’ in Life that brings about the Awareness of a deeper Reality. A prospect of existence that you didn’t previously comprehend. A mystery of cosmic depth…

When The Universe speaks; You Listen.

Joseph Campbell coined it "The Hero’s Journey" for western minds to comprehend in a less esoteric fashion, but many Eastern teachers have been guiding Seekers to face this Spiritual Path willingly through Meditation, Yoga, Psychedelic Retreats and other Philosophical approaches for as long as Man has been struggling to survive.

Seeking Enlightenment. A personal internal process that profoundly illustrates many of the confounding distinctions found in this World of chaos we currently reside in. A method of self-exploration which presents itself to you like a mirror, showing you exactly what you are doing wrong with your 'internal' Self… and how to fix it. A process of Understanding that leads to Knowing, which alleviates the trauma your psyche clings to, dragging you down.

It’s men’s experience of this ‘event’ which create Prophets, Philosophers and Esoteric writings.

Unfortunately, Mankind will always find a way of doing things half-assed or selfishly. So these prophet’s and philosophers esoteric writings which provide the guidebooks to those Seeking wisdom for themselves, are misinterpreted, mishandled and misrepresented to the world that still Sleeps.

Men who have not been humbled by direct experience, read and become inspired by this information, yet don’t fully grasp the subtle nature of its meaning… or worse yet, abuse it intentionally. Selfishly using it against those who are thirsty for guidance, which is where we get Holy Wars and Terrorism. Both of which push away the rational, like myself.

The Truth Changes You, internally.

Without this internal change, the information gets easily twisted to benefit the ignorant mans own misguided perceptions of what’s actually important. Creating much of the confusion and chaos that plagues the physical world.

This Wisdom is learned through multiple dimensions of Life.

In fact, the daily act of Life itself IS the learning of this Wisdom; through experience. Whether you become Conscious of it's actions or choose to stay asleep, you are living it and will learn it. Whether one goes through a distinct Awakening process like myself, or gradually comes to realize it through the unavoidable realities of the scientific method, such as Michio Kaku in the quote above… the song remains the same.

The Universe is a Sentient Being.

Not just in a whimsical ‘Mother Nature’ type of way, but in a ‘Conscious’ interaction type of way. The way you can slowly build a relationship with a squirrel or bird in your backyard, you can build a relationship with the entire environment of reality which you walk through. And I don't just mean tree-hugging hippy sentiments, I mean a relationship of Wisdom and Insight that many famous minds have tried to share with the world... many of which are quoted throughout this website:


“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
~ Nikola Tesla ~


The mystery of Life is that EVERYTHING is alive. This is where literally everything comes from. This “life” is intrinsic to the entirety of physical reality, not a single thing excluded. Synchronicity and Serendipity are forms of communication with this “core” that Tesla is referring.

While many people in the realms of religiosity claim similar ideologies, they’re just apeing scriptures or doctrines. They don’t actually believe what they say, as they proceed to attack each other and create conflicts which go directly against what they claim. They lack the humility of this profound change.

One who truly Knows, no longer feels the need to 'conquer' in the face of this cosmic Understanding.

The vast majority of people in the world learn this truth through quieter, more personal experiences… such as the pursuit of knowledge through the discipline of Science, Philosophy, or even Healthcare or Policing. The environment of Death tends to draw one into contemplating its meaning (more profoundly), earlier than one who has no exposure to it… this contemplation usually leads to some form of recognition that they are unlikely to share publicly, but changes their internal self nonetheless.

In the case below, while still tempering his words, I would imagine that Albert Einstein gave the contemplation of Death quite a lot of thought… not only in his natural psychological explorations of the Scientific cosmos, but in his culpability in the development of the Atomic Bomb.

When you are psychically charged with a circumstance that resulted in such a profound volume of destruction, in tandem with the potential future annihilation of the entire human race… it’s safe to assume you have given the paradigm of Death (and what the AfterLife holds for you personally), significant thought.


“Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds.

May I not reply with a parable?

The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues.

The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects.

That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations.

I am fascinated by Spinoza's Pantheism. I admire even more his contributions to modern thought. Spinoza is the greatest of modern philosophers, because he is the first philosopher who deals with the soul and the body as one, not as two separate things.”

~ Albert Einstein ~


The mystery of Life is Infinite.

Once you glean some insight, it only leads to more questions. If that’s not an intelligent design in itself, then the ‘dumb universe’ sure is clever.

To claim one thing or the next is only a matter of personal opinion, and that’s fine. Opinions should be respected, entertained, picked over for elements of personal value, and the rest discarded. This is the only way to discover personal Truth, since all Truths are strictly personal.

That said, Truths cross borders. Men ‘share’ truths they both agree upon, but that doesn’t make them actually True of the highest order… it’s only an ‘agreed upon’ truth, not an Actual Truth. This is where the “Mystery of Creation” comes into play; the search for “Actual Truth”... to You, personally. Something you should take the time to explore for yourself with great effort and interest.

This is why many Spiritually-minded individuals try to help others ‘realize their truth’.

They have personally experienced a form of existential Truth that has unburdened them from the bane of their own mundane existence; an insight which eclipses the ordinary train of thought that’s sold to us in the everyday world. A Truth man has been trying to share through architecture, writing, film and music since they built the Pyramids.

It's not all stuffy Scriptures and Doctrines, as many choose to have no interest in... it's built into other Men's experience of Life, their opinions are a form of first-hand experience that they feel strongly enough about to share openly. While you shouldn't simply beleive one man's story, it's foolhardy to ignore ALL mens experiences without taking note of the volume of these opinions that correspond to each other.

For example, how many Near Death Experiences can you hear stories about before you notice the pattern within their tales? Compiling these patterns and contemplating their associations is, Science. The science of trying to understand the Afterlife. This is what Esoteric work is really all about.

It's not Religion.

If it were, do you really think you would find it in a Black Sabbath song? Consider the lyrics in the video below, as Ozzy sings the song from the literal viewpoint of "Anima Mundi".

Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat (1973):


“He who considers not the end, the world is not his friend.”
~ One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights)

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