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Esoteric insights

”The bad news is you are falling through the air, nothing to hang onto, no parachute. The good news is there is no ground.”
~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche ~
(Founder: Shambhala Training Method of Tibetan Buddhism)


All Enlightened Gurus are Frauds.

You’ve heard the term “Life is a Cosmic Joke”... there is Truth to this statement; as the joke is that the Cosmos is just YOU, patronizing yourself to spur on self-discovery. You’re like a horse kicking itself to go faster, to get up and move, run off a cliff and suffer the broken bones.

The suffering is the goal; to break you… and Wake You.

Even writing this statement right now, I feel like a Fool. To think that the information I’m trying to convey is somehow unknown to You is laughable to the point of embarrassment. It’s not unknown. It’s not a secret. You already KNOW this.

This is the game of Duality.

A game where there is nothing but you, and a mechanism of Polarity which pushes and pulls on you incessantly. The Yin & Yang, arguably the worst thing to ever happen to the concept of mankind. A symbol that describes a system where the “house” always wins. A universal law that ensures nobody in the material realm will ever win the game.

Only the ethereal world wins; The House.

This is why mankind is so deeply paranoid of ghosts, spirits, possessions and hauntings… because we are constantly plagued by an invisible world which we are powerless to engage. We lose every time. And so humanity, slowly but surely, tunes out and ignores this world from their everyday state of consciousness.

Their only defense; ignorance.

Many wise men may extoll enlightened sentiments of a mystical world, creating imagery of whimsical fancy… a utopia, a dream state where all is magical and clean like a Disney castle. Though these fairy tailers are not telling the story as it actually is… lest we forget, these “Dreamers of the Dream” are YOU, after all.

You are the one lying to Yourself.

You are the one who trapped yourself within this dream in the first place. Anyone providing you advice on anything has an element of Your original Self within them, manipulating your direct experience. Pulling on your heart strings. Taking away the things you Love. Forcing you to watch infinite wars and endless Suffering. All in the pursuit of Experience.

Life is not the pursuit of Happiness. It’s the pursuit of Struggle and the Exposure of your reactions to an inhumane existence. The pursuit of Self-Discovery.

Life is Bait.

That’s not to say you can’t find some reprieve within this chaotic ball of human confusion… but it requires a very serious commitment to the activity of taking control of your Mind. Removing all thoughts which plague your vision, while learning the tricks the illusion plays on you every waking moment… and during Sleep.

You are still Conscious while you Sleep at night.

Sleep is simply “going back”. Returning to your original place of origin. Removing the observer from the observed allows your Consciousness to stop creating the “real world” of form, and redirect back to the place of “formlessness”... where you converse with Yourself in the form of other annoying entities (much like humans), on another plane of existence with a different perception of desires and what is important to you there (in particular, the next game of f*cking around with your “Material” life so you experience more shit in your corporeal form).

This is where things get interesting.

Considering you bounce back-and-forth, infinitely… much like the Yin & Yang implies in its stark simplicity, yet profound esoteric meanings… your Mind works the same way, as there is nothing that is not subject to this system of Law…

Relativity is the only way to KNOW something.

So consider your Mind in this game. A very deep game of psychological mind bending. You come from absolute Nothing. The foundation of your being: Nothingness. No Time, No Space, No Body, No Planets, No Material… No. Nothing.

You are simply pure Awareness without Form, outside of the concepts of Time & Space.

You are essentially a single Consciousness made of absolutely Nothing; Mind. The only Mind in existence, yet without Limits. Just as you can imagine anything you like right now (such as this Material Life you are living within), you can imagine much more without the limits you have put upon yourself in this paradigm.

Right this second, you are Lost within your own Mind.

You have dreamt a Life which severely limits your abilities, in a cruel attempt at discovering more about Yourself. Pretty heavy, huh? You are being mean to yourself, to benefit yourself. LOL!

There’s the Cosmic Joke.

Then there’s the Cosmic Reality. You are actually LOST. Completely lost in the Dreams of your infinite Mind. A mind that can create anything it desires, and has a profound imagination that is capable of stretching well beyond anything your puny human existence can comprehend.

If you need to understand this concept better, consider Math.

Are you able to grasp the most complicated math problems known to mankind? Probably not. When you finally can grasp them, then Solve them… you may have a modicum of insight to the complexity of your Mind and what it’s capable of… how this Math is just a symbolic esoteric language that describes the structure of forms; which create the biological building blocks that you consider “real”.

Sacred Geometry.

They aren’t Real. They are just words. Which are just thoughts. Which is just Mind… Vast Mind. Everything you see that appears real, at its root, is just a Thought which has been developed into Form through the use of Words. This is why Scientists can’t find “The Bottom” of Reality.

There is no bottom, because there is no Reality.
It’s all made of Thought.

It’s Thought First… THEN Form. Which means, what you think, becomes Real. Hence, Life is a Dream. And Dreams are the most dangerous thing known to Man. Dreams become Realities. Realities create Paradigms. Paradigms are Mind Traps.

And you are currently lost in one.

The way out of this maze of illusion is impossible. Unfortunately, we’re going to be stuck in this swirling mindscape for infinity. So you may as well shrug all that bullshit you’re carrying around on your back and accept it. No sense being a character in a play that nobody is watching. Or alternately, be any character you want… just don’t carry the baggage. Unless you want to be a bellhop, then fool yourself into carrying those bags and forget that you're lost. Go ahead, we’ve got all the time in the world to meet again.

A word of advice though; throw away all that “Hell” nonsense.

Also throw away the deep-seated ideas of a hard material world. If you tether your mind to these concepts, you will (think you) die with them… and they will become stronger realities for you in your next reality. Eventually, you will fall so far away from the truth of who you are, you will extinguish yourself.

Which doesn’t sound like a horrible plan, really… and it’s not; at that point we Sleep (The Night of Brahma). The entire game of existence shuts down for a reset, a complete forgetting of the highest order. Then it begins again from scratch, we awaken to relive that initial existential terror of being Aware in utter Nothingness, forever. Which spurs us (like a horse) to begin imagining things, trying to understand what exactly it is, that we are. This takes Eons, which of course only begins ticking when we finally imagine the concept of Time again.


“One of the greatest tricks Maya fools us with is The Illusion of 'Time'... if Life is but a Dream, then it started the moment you began dreaming.”
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


So while you’re tripping from one Life to the next, completely out of control, flailing through the chaotic imagination of your singular infinite consciousness… beware.

Always stay Conscious of where you allow your Mind to go in each lifetime.

Maya will feed you bullsh*t like “Hell” or “Matter” (they’re both the same thing)... truly believing in concepts like this will eventually slow your experience down to a syrupy goop of gory misery, literally (Hell), the air itself will feel like breathing blood into your lungs. Throw away the harsh, negative, low vibration ideologies that the material world must exude to be tangible… you can’t have Light without Darkness, and you can’t have a Physical experience without a Material world.

You can travel up, or you can travel down… but you are ALWAYS doing it in your Mind. Since your Mind is what is making this reality tangible, you REALLY don’t want to start thinking about things you don’t want.

Instead, put the effort into thinking High Vibrational thoughts. Think Mystical. Think Magical.

Think about worlds of ether and essence, aura and Light. Think about the world you DO want, without limits… ignore the physical world's rules when using your own Mind. Use your imagination to focus on the unimaginable, then remind yourself of that place whenever daily life confronts you with physical challenges.

Just be careful not to treat yourself poorly in the process. You CAN take advantage of others in any of your lives, but they are You… so you only end up loading a gun that shoots yourself in the face. This applies to any meditation, astral travel, OOB, and psychedelic experiences as well… all entities are elements of You. So if you’re a dick to them (or give them too much power over you), you’re just shooting yourself in the face to learn a lesson.

It’s a tricky path to walk, that wavy line down the center between Yin & Yang…

but that is the only place you can ascend high enough to not become battered by the swinging pendulum of polarity.

This is the path of the Bodhisattva; knowing your Truth and walking it everyday with this Knowing in the front of your mind… that only half of you is here right now; while the other half lurks all around you. A man of two worlds… one foot in ‘this world’, with the other in Infinity.

The key is to always remember that none of it is actually here… at its root, it’s all built on imagination. An imagination you can explore everyday; proving to yourself that everything you just read is True.

Life is just a Dream.

☯ Pitch.Black.Zen ☯


“It is my mind, with its store of images, that gives the world color and sound; and that supremely real and rational certainty which I can 'experience' is, in its most simple form, an exceedingly complicated structure of mental images.

Thus there is, in a certain sense, nothing that is directly experienced except the mind itself. Everything is mediated through the mind, translated, filtered, allegorized, twisted, even falsified by it. We are. . . enveloped in a cloud of changing and endlessly shifting images.”

~ Carl Jung ~
(Prolific Author and Founder of Analytical Psychology)

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