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Heavy Nature Owl T-Shirt - Vintage Owl Shirt - Esoteric Philosophy T-Shirts

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Esoteric insights

India, Japan, Russia, Sweden, China, Greenland, Australia and Indonesia all have mythical traditions that appoint significance to the Owl as a spiritual symbol.


The pantheon of occult mythos around the world regard the owl as a symbol of Wisdom, associated with having Psychic powers and representing spiritual influence. The Knower.

The owl is a nocturnal bird which can swivel it’s head 270 degrees around, almost a complete ‘Exorcist’ revolution (very unusual indeed). Widely associated with the divine esoteric sciences, the owl symbolically represents ‘The Seeker with the Eyes to See’... Hermetic Alchemists in awareness of the Arcane Knowledge, who are cognizant to see through the darkness of egoic ignorance and material reality.

In Hinduism, the owl represents Cosmic Spirituality.

Though, India tends to associate everything with Cosmic Spirituality as they see “everything” in creation as being manifest by Cosmic Consciousness... a singular NonDual mind dreaming the world of Duality into existence.

Native American Shamans have various attributed meanings, with modern day spiritual traditions still holding the owl to symbolize Vision and Insight.

Ultimately, there is always a double-meaning to every sacred occult symbol. The owl is a creature of Consciousness, meaning it is (one of many) Eyes of the World. One of the All Seeing Eyes, quietly blending into the fabric of Life; looking Outside-In...

multiple owls blending into nests inside various colored trees

It’s unique ability to swivel it’s head almost all the way around implies it’s symbolic exclusivity, next to all the other creatures of Nature. That said, it’s exclusivity is only symbolic for the purpose of esoteric teaching. It doesn’t hold more Cosmic Consciousness than the Hindu Sacred Cow or the Kundalini Cobra… as stated above, Hinduism regards ALL things as part of this sentient Consciousness.

All of Reality itself is Conscious and Aware.

Which means “Mother Nature” herself is not just a whimsical anthropomorphism, it’s a Spiritual Truth… which CAN be discovered through direct experience, by Seeking the path of Enlightenment (Meditation, Yoga, Esoteric Study and Philosophical Contemplation).

And that my friends, is “Heavy”.

Become the Owl.

owl emoji sitting on a tree branch

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