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Esoteric insights

“Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities. But as we rise in the scale of development, we perceive that in the stages through which we have passed, we mistook shadows for realities, and that the upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached “reality”; but only when we shall have reached absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Maya.”
~ The Secret Doctrine (1888) ~


There is a lot of mysticism surrounding spiritual practices such as Yoga.

Not to deny the mystical experience, but to temper its expectation. True Spirituality is not Prayer, Soothsaying, the abduction of Magic, or Worship. It’s fine to engage in these things, but don’t confuse the baby with the bathwater.

Yogic Spirituality is the practice of refining your Consciousness to cognize the deepest truths of a multi-dimensional reality. Cultivating a psychic communion with the higher dimensions of existence for the purpose of gaining direct experience, and in-turn; Wisdom.

Spirituality is relationship building; the exploration of a larger Consciousness.

Those who choose to engage in ceremony and ritualistic magic initiations are still communicating with that larger Consciousness, but they are doing so in a commercial “arms-length” transaction. Not allowing the truth of their actions to truly embody them; using Dogma to shield themselves from culpability.

A true mystical experience will change you without choice. You will question your sanity. You will be invited into the madness of the Universe. This ‘madness’ is historically characterized as the “Dark Night of The Soul”. It’s akin to having a conversation in the mirror, where the mirror knows more than you.

Mystical experiences are not parlor tricks.

There certainly are processes to try and initiate an enlightenment, or a dialogue of communion, such as Yoga… but the contortion of the body in a very specific manner is not a ‘magic spell’ to open the door. It’s not like a special code you tap into your Playstation controller to unlock “God Mode”...

Nintendo Game Controller - God Mode Code

The code, spell, ritual, chalk line, location, words, idols… don’t matter; at all.

If you are seeking some form of Spirituality from a spiritual plane, you need to consider what the commodity of that plane of existence deals in. The immaterial world has no interest in material things, even immaterial actions such as worship.

You can’t buy your way off the Wheel of Karma.

No matter how many times you rock back-and-forth, grow your hair in honor, or cultivate the largest gold shrines… the only thing that counts is your Heart.

Feeding stray dogs without being asked to do so (because you actually Care about them), will get you much further than any amount of worship and devotion to a gold statue behind closed doors. Being genuinely nice to people, especially in the face of their betrayal of you (Acceptance of others' pain) is what The Universe notices. Being open to the world itself, is being open to The Universe itself.

If you want a serious relationship, you need to open yourself up and earn trust.

Dogmatic spiritual practices such as a Yoga class is a form of introducing oneself… knocking on the door. While isolated practices like Meditation is more like coming into someone's house whom you just met, not sure what to expect of them, and they You. Both are valuable tools for Health and Wellness, but they both serve secondary purposes if you are genuinely Seeking.

Confusing the dogma with the deeper esoteric process is sure to send you astray.

You can sit in Meditation, endlessly pitching that you’re a serious, trustworthy individual that understands the levity of the information which you seek to discover… but if you harbor a Heart of Darkness, you’re just banging on the wall of Damnation. You can’t hide anything from this experience; and trying to fake it like you might another human being, will teach you painfully about all your shortcomings. We all have the Heart of Darkness, so entering the house with hat-in-hand (humility) is the only option.

We are the Fallen Angels.

This is no secret, it's the game. Spiritual Purification is the process of an actual change within your Soul, it’s not whimsy. You don’t “think” you might have experienced something like it, your Life will change. You don’t learn what you Seek by simply reading a book about it. We only truly learn from experience, and the experience is the change of the deeper part of YOU… the purification of that Darkness from your Heart.

It’s a painful experience.

Genuinely learning the way of things is filled with hard lessons. We humans hold a lot of illusions, very close to our perceived existence. When those illusions are shattered, there’s a mess of sharp, broken glass to sift through (Jimi Hendrix wrote about this in "Room Full of Mirrors"). There are many epiphanies along the way, but it’s a slow process of integration.


”Only those who have gradually learned the subtle laws of the invisible Nature are permitted to pass beyond the veil.”
~ Manly P. Hall ~
(Founder: The Philosophical Research Society)


Gradually. This is why even psychedelic enlightenment can be fleeting. It’s common the individual will gain enormous insights while tripping, but almost immediately forget what they discovered once they return from the trip.

If you aren’t engaging the Communion in a committed spiritual manner (heart), then you don’t need to know this world on that level, yet.

Much like asking someone to cook you dinner, then telling them you aren’t hungry. It’s disrespectful and unnecessary. Insight into the construction of Life itself is meant to be Life changing, not recreational. If you aren’t ready to engage your Ego profoundly, then there’s no work to be done. No conversation necessary.

Yoda Must Be This Tall Warning Sign

The ride is always open to everyone, but the rider must be prepared to take the ride.

Even if you aren’t ready, you can force yourself through the process if you have the resolve to improve yourself. More likely though, your Ego will reject the advance and turn away in denial. False starts.

There is no pride in this process.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite of pride. Anyone who has truly gone through the process is going to be apprehensive to explain any details to someone questioning them. It feels kinda wrong to talk about something so personal (and other paradoxical aspects that are difficult to put into words).

There’s also the fact that you will NOT understand it truly until you experience it yourself, and at that point you have passed through the spiritual black hole. You have been changed internally, and your perception of everything has been altered… which creates the apprehension.

As mentioned though, the real name of the game is “Heart”.

If someone is genuinely interested in their own self improvement (not for a newspaper article, for example), then it’s only right to help someone in need. The information in general is not a secret to be guarded, so much as a Truth that cannot be explained to everyman. Everyman must distinguish himself as being in need of such an experience… and even then, he must go through the long process of relationship building by himself.

One can only offer pointers, suggestions, subtleties… like Zen Koans.

There is no magic bullet, no quick method, no tricks. The trick is tricking yourself… which is a counter-intuitive paradox in itself.

And therein lay the beginning of the deepest, most profound conversation in The Universe.

~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


“Reality is the revelation that it, itself, was never real or unreal. It was only pretending to be real, so it can realize that it isn’t.”
~ r/psychonaut ~

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