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Esoteric insights

“You think of yourself as a citizen of the universe. You think you belong to this world of dust and matter. Out of this dust you have created a personal image, and have forgotten about the Essence of your True Origin.”
~ Rumi (Persian Mystic Poet) ~


“The Grateful Dead” is such a strange phrase. Why would anyone be 'grateful' to be Dead?

Most people Fear Death... so why would I NOT “Fear The Reaper”?

What seem like morbid or outright Dark phrasings in many rock music songs, actually come with hidden meanings, or a secret handshake, for those initiated into the philosophical dialog that brings these counter-intuitive ideas to mind.

Both phrases above point to the same esoteric philosophy, seeded by the use of psychedelics to achieve Enlightened states of Consciousness and commune with a deeper part of the human experience. Exploring your Consciousness in this manner has led many, many, many individuals throughout the history of mankind to much of the wisdom that exists in the world today. Probing the depths of Consciousness in a respectful, focused manner, almost always leads to a form of wisdom that you can find embedded in all our lives, if you learn how to see it.

Spiritual Insights into the nature of Reality.

Many may frown at this method of experience, writing off “Entheogens” as “street drugs”... lumping them into the fear-based propaganda of “drug cartels” and “thug life”. Nothing could be further from the Truth.


“Humans are caught in a predicament wherein the limitations imposed by physical existence are combined with a triple ignorance; ignorance of our origins, of our true nature, and of our ultimate destiny.”
~ Manly P. Hall ~
(Founder: Philosophical Research Society)


Everything in this world works under a Universal Polarity… Yin & Yang are immutable esoteric laws the embody the ability to actually “experience” anything. Understanding the functions of these laws provide a light for navigating the unknown darkness of the lesser travelled human experiences.

Where there is Light, there must be Darkness.

Entheogens have their dangers, excess will always lead to ruin (again, Polarity). These dangers are not in the same class as hard drugs such as Heroin or Alcohol though, they have a ‘teaching component’ built into them. Entheogens, while pleasurable, are generally not addictive. They don’t ‘allow’ addiction, unlike Heroin, which is physically addictive by it’s Nature. Entheogens like Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Mescaline, DMT… will cut you off. The plants will ruin your experience if they feel you are abusing them. You can force the abusive usage, but it will create a psychological trauma that will eventually scare you off.

Becoming cognizant of the Sacred Nature of certain plants is an evolutionary step.

During these mystical trips which many voyaged in the late-60’s (and well into today), they experienced insights which communicated the inexpressible base nature of Reality to them. The workings of the Universe are like the weirdest science-fiction film ever made, except even weirder. Beyond words weirder.

Beyond the comprehension of the current human psyche.

And why wouldn’t it be? Look around, the world is an incredibly complex system of infinite change… designed down to the quantum level (as far as we currently know) in utter perfect harmony to the last detail. To the point where even the perceived mistakes of nature, are finely tuned works of thoughtfully designed art… everything working to achieve something or other, for greater purposes than our vantage point is currently privy to.

This is where Entheogens shine.

If you want to understand those mistakes, to take a closer look at the design… to even remotely understand a sliver of the inexpressible nature of the entire creation in action; psychedelics are the tool to get you in contact with the mind which knows “ALL”.

This experience, whether gained through the use of an Entheogen, or through the fasting and isolation of Christian mythology, or the Yogic Meditation practices of the Eastern mystics… is the origin story of all the mystical, magical, occult, esoteric, new age and old age religiosity that you see in the world. And there’s a LOT of it over the centuries, so you may want to reconsider your views on the legitimacy of these inspirations throughout time.

Mystical Experiences are plentiful if you Seek for yourself.

One of the main insights men awaken to is a paradox that is impossible to convey to the uninitiated. The average daily mind does not want to accept these Truths, so direct experience for oneself is the only form of conviction that will truly convince the skeptic. That said, there are many Awakened to this aspect of Life.

Enter: The Grateful Dead

A band which many adore on a level that is near impossible to understand without knowing the secret handshake. Their name is that handshake. When one has a mystical journey where they have faced Death and communed with the Spirit of Life itself, it changes your perception on “the ugly truth of Life on Earth”. It changes it into the polar opposite of that sentiment, every bit of that phrase gets turned inside out.

We As Humans; Are Already Dead.

There is no such thing as Death, in the terms we as a species have deluded ourselves into believing. We suffer Death, deeply. We Fear the Void of The Big Sleep, desperately. We Fear each other acutely, killing in the name of Survival…

We overstate the value of Death, to the point of War.

These are misconceptions. Errors in judgement. An ignorance of the facts. Facts that can be discovered for oneself through a period of direct intention and personal integrity. Though many not only can’t be bothered to take a genuine interest in understanding Life itself, and even more create laws to punish those who wish to explore The Universe they live in… the equivalent of locking up students trying to go to school.

While the story doesn’t end with that epiphany… of course, it’s a much broader game of creation than simply that one insight… but it’s one of the more prominent truths that most of us Suffer here on a daily basis, needlessly.

One of the other, commonly stated insights that holds a lot of weight is the classic…

God is Love.

The feeling of our true nature, outside this hard physical realm is simply that phrase. When you come to understand the polarity of distinction between the material and immaterial worlds, the why’s and how’s of our experience here come into clarity. The opportunity that we afford ourselves through this material existence should be a joy to endure, even the worst of it… because even the worst of it, isn’t that serious.

We don’t really die… and the other side of this perception we call Life; is just Love.

The Love of Ourself… because we are ONE outside this polarity of Duality. Read more of the pages on this website if you are interested to understand the deeper context behind those words. There is a lot to say of this simple premise, the largest origin story there is.

So you see, many of those who follow the Grateful Dead; a band who [unofficialy] became the producer of the largest LSD distribution in the world at the time, thanks to Owsley Stanley trying to share the experience and ‘wake up’ as many people as possible... came to understand;

If you were someone who was never born, never had any experience of anything, ever… a Being stuck for eternity in Nothingness, how grateful would you be just to experience what you’re going through now, even for a few minutes?

“The Family” are essentially those who have taken their mask off, chosen to embody the Truths they have discovered in their journeys. They have realized who it is they are dealing with on a daily basis, and the futility of wearing a mask which makes them look like a clown.

They have discovered their True Self. Similar in context to much of the teachings of Eastern Mysticism, Yoga and Zen. People who, if they choose to say “Namaste”, don’t say it out of some current trend (those people exists too)... they say it because they understand it’s true meaning, and they Know it to be True. A sign of recognition to the Conscious Entity behind the mask, which they wish to show respect.

I’m sure someone is chomping at the bit to remind me that “Don’t Fear the Reaper” isn’t a Dead song, and that’s true, Captain Obvious… this article wasn’t intended to be a fanboy letter to the Dead. Even though it was Blue Oyster Cult sang “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, the sentiment is the same… there’s nothing to Fear, but Fear itself. Your entire Life is all in your Mind.

Technically, you weren’t even Born.

The illusion of Birth is just another feature of the Dream. This is why Science cannot grasp The Bottom of Matter, the Quantum world is bottomless, infinite fractal creation… Physical Reality itself is based on Nothingness, illusory imaginative creation.

Where you are right this moment… the bed you’re sitting on in the back of your Kombi van, the bong on the table, even the spinning Merkaba you now see mystically floating in the middle of your room… all of it is fundamentally manifest from the same bottomless Matter of the Quantum realm. That same Void of Nothingness where we started when we were first alone.

We’re already Dead, and Grateful for the experience of Life… so Enjoy the Ride!

~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


"Your mind, if you have one, is not in your head. Your head is in your mind."
~ Alan Watts ~
(Western Esoteric Philosopher)

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