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Womens Voidness Infinity T-Shirt - Mystic Oracle Shirt - Peacock T-Shirt

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Esoteric insights

The Mystery Schools teach one how to Live in the Illusion School.
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


There are two ways to walk through the multiple dimensions of existence...

You either wander aimlessly in bewilderment of a dumb universe which slowly reveals clues to it's construct through a blind scientific thought process...

Or you learn to walk The Path of Knowing.

Seeking to understand the intricate design of a crafted realm which unfolds itself infinitely as your cognizance of its complexity increases through the awareness and Meditative study of the esoteric process of Enlightenment.

The first is a painful despair of feeling lost in an impossible situation of hard-earned conflict, filled with empty advice and hollow pep-talks... while the latter provides ‘The Path’ (of Guidance), wherein the secrets of The Universe are already revealed, available to anyone who simply chooses to look for themselves.

If you seek to understand yourself, and your place within the world, you must inquire about the nature of Reality in a committed, intentional process of deduction.

Counter-intuitively, the systematic removal of the human senses, combined with a focused contemplation of feelings and internal thoughts which arise naturally in the human body & mind is the only path to this insight. You must strip away all the distractions of the outside world, to then identify and peel back the layers of your inside world to reach the core of the truest state of reality; The Void.

It’s within this Void that the deepest voice of Self can be heard.

Which is where all the Knowledge and Wisdom of existence is shared with the individual willing to engage in the pursuit of Truth. The Void is Conscious, Aware, Knows All and is willing to share.

It’s the true Source of all your ideas, all of Mankind’s ideas.

Which you can wait to be given to you from a completely random, unengaged hopefulness that you will attribute to “Luck”. Or you can engage it directly and converse to make the ideas happen for you Consciously.

Everything there is to Know,
is already known.

There is no Luck in Life,
only Karma (Action).

Take action… Jump in The Void!

☯ Pitch.Black.Zen ☯


”Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of Nature. If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it Outside. In You is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and You will Know the Universe and the Gods.”
~ The Oracle at Delphi ~

The Oracle at Delphi

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