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Esoteric insights

”We are the Gods of the Atoms that make up Ourselves, but we are also the Atoms of the Gods which make up The Universe.”
~ Manly P. Hall ~
(Founder: Philosophical Research Society)



Meditation practices tend to confuse people, as they try to point the newcomer toward a concept that is near-impossible to accurately convey.

When spiritual dialogs mention words like “Nothingness”, it quickly confronts the average mind with a paradox that usually results in knee-jerk denial terms like “woo woo” or “pseudo-science”. These types of responses are generally a sign of a lazy mind, uninterested in exploring the deeper philosophical aspects of the reality we believe we exist in.

The type of philosophy which Meditation seeks to engage is beyond the tenets of everyday life, which is why the lazy mind is quick to dismiss it out-of-hand.

Considering the task just another waste of time in front of its pursuit of self-seeking pleasures. This train of thought does not nullify the Universal Truths that form the bedrock of these Mystery School practices.

You can’t wish it away simply because you don’t like it. This is what makes esoteric / occult information so essential, it is not an ‘opinion’.

It’s not a “Secret” and there is no “Conspiracy”, there is simply the average man’s chosen ignorance of these Truths, which creates the dilemma (and the mistakes of the human race). It’s hidden in plain sight, you just have to “Seek” this esoteric wisdom, take personal interest and engage your mind to understand what this knowledge is trying to convey… hence the term “Seeker”.

This Occult Knowledge does not invalidate the precepts of a Scientific world; one of the largest arguments against investigating it for oneself... instead adding an extra dimension of understanding to the riddle of Science.

Esoterics provides a Skeleton Key to expand the cognition of how Matter and Consciousness interact, or how to approach a materialistic topic from a different perspective to achieve the end goal which is sought after. It removes the pieces of the puzzle from ‘the box’ modern society has forced itself into, so that it can be viewed from a much wider perspective that provides a deeper understanding of the task at hand. It’s not a reliance on Superstition, so much as building a Trust with The Universe itself.

When trying to conceptualize the “Source” of all things, something which Science has been pursuing since its inception… it helps to include a philosophical paradigm which is not strictly science-based, to allow the mind to grasp the deeper realities of the structure in question.

Without this psychological paradigm, or skeleton key, the task is impossibly defeating. Relegating the process of discovery to minutia moments of progress, which become the norm of expectation that are shared with the larger public, convincing the masses that there is nowhere else to look for these answers. That what we understand now, is the best there is. This is a very destructive fallacy.

As an example, here is a discourse on the concept of “Source”... or the fundamental nature of where all Life manifests from, the seat of Matter in the material world. You may have heard Yoga gurus mention the psychologically ambiguous term “Awareness”... follow along to see how this term blossoms into a profound view of Everything that exists:


“Awareness has no shape, no form, and no dimension. It’s pure Space. It has no center, which means it can't have a circumference either. All you can say about Awareness is that it just ‘is’. It just exists, without actually existing.

Everything we think we know, this Earth, the sun, the stars, all the galaxies, comets and meteors, black holes and anything else you can conceptualize takes place in this Space. There is nothing you can postulate or think about outside of Space. Is there?

If you say that there is an end to Space, what would it be contained in? Space! Everything appears in Space. And to us, that Space is no-thing. It is Nothing."


Now, it’s common knowledge that you can’t get Something from Nothing. The rules of our perceived Universe don’t accommodate this on a fundamental level… 0+0=0 is a law of Materialism that cannot be transcended. There’s no Free Lunch. Yet, The Universe itself is Something… or is it?

How can The Universe come from Nothing, yet appear to be Something?

This is the blind spot which the ‘materialistic’ Scientific mind refuses to adapt its cognition towards. All this manifestation, the entire Universe as we know it… is really Nothing, sitting in Nowhere. It appeared from Nothing and sits within that Nothing that it appeared from. So why would you assume that it’s now “Something”? 0+0=0


“David Bohm’s (one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century) interpretation of quantum physics indicated that at the subquantum level, the level in which the quantum potential operated, ‘location’ ceased to exist. All points in space became equal to all other points in space, and it was meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. Physicists called this property 'NonLocality'.”
~ Michael Talbot ~
(Author: The Holographic Universe)


Yogic Culture and Mystery Schools of self-exploration practices have understood this for the last 10,000 years, this is the basis of wisdom which philosophers like Plato stood upon to intuit their greatest insights. The Science of Everything starts within the individual, not the External world.

Everything that appears to exist for us stems from an “Awareness” (or an Observer). This Awareness vibrates into patterns, shapes and forms… but in its purest essence, is still Nothing.


“Everything we call Real is made of things that cannot be regarded as Real.”
~ Niels Bohr ~
(Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding Atomic Structure and Quantum Theory, receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922)


This is a large clue that underpins the workings of all things, a clue which Quantum Physics has been slowly grasping for a few decades now. A paradigm shift in cognizing the material Sciences on a higher level than brute materialism or “Lego blocks”... if Matter is not real, then what exactly is it?


This primal Awareness that is the seat of all that exists, is the root of all Dogmatic religious ideologies (Conditioned Awareness). The sole concept that has permutated into thousands of different conceptualizations of God over trillions of men’s lifetimes. The core essence of what truly is, the foundation of reality… and in-turn, the Sciences.

Buddhism calls this Awareness; “Unborn”.

Unborn meaning un-originated, of ‘no origin’. It is beginning-less and endless. Timeless. Spaceless. Bodiless. Mindless. It is No-Thing. Yet it is the Essence in which all things Manifest. This includes You. Your body. Your Mind. You are literally the Manifest; of the Essence.

It is woven into your very Being; the Source of your Mind.

Science generally refuses to release control of the material world. It clings to Life, insisting it can find the answers through brute-force. Ignoring the existential truth that Science too lives within this Nothingness.


“They wander in Darkness seeking Light, failing to realize that the Light is in the Heart of the Darkness”
~ Manly P. Hall ~
(Author: The Secret Teachings of All Ages)


By refusing to entertain the contemplations and direct experiences that these philosophical enlightenments have bestowed upon men for thousands of years, the institutions cause much disinformation and confusion among the populace of many lifetimes.

You can’t define Reality in hard terms.

Reality is UnReal, at best.

When was the last time Science announced that concept to the mainstream media? If it had been doing so prominently for the last 100 years, perhaps people would be less fearful of the cold, hard world they “think” they live in. Perhaps this type of information would have encouraged people to contemplate what IS real, taking a deeper interest in the path Science was exploring, ultimately realizing a less crippling Fear of Death.

The fallout of living in a society who holds the idea of Death as a great enemy, is exactly where we stand today. I’m sure we can agree; it’s not ideal.

That’s not to say that Science is not a valuable tool for the progress of mankind, but it is a tool which is progressively getting used in ways that are either pointless or downright harmful to the entire human race (Nuclear Weapons & Chemical Warfare come to mind).

While trying to reconcile the polarity between Philosophy and Science. Those who choose the side of Science over Spirituality are as misguided as those who choose Spirituality over the Sciences. They are one-in-the-same, both borne-of and existing-in the same “Essence” of Nothingness that influences all things… yet both refuse to acknowledge this inevitable, embarrassing truth.

At the root of existence, We are all One.


~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~

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