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Esoteric insights

"You can’t save people from themselves... but themselves are You; and you Must save Yourself."
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


Society as it is, is not an accident...

It's a finely cultivated school of challenges from which you can choose your own adventure to learn from.

You are living in one of the lowest forms of existence... Materialism.

Instead of looking for conflict in the pursuit of Peace, consider using your time here to find the value in the 'non-material'... such as learning to Love, Everything.

If you think fighting injustice is hard, try learning to Love.

It's not easy at first, but that's the point... it's an internal challenge. An INFINITE challenge. The improvement of the Spirit, the internal Self, is the point of our time in this realm.

What you learn here, will be that which you value outside of the materialist realm.

The phrase “You can’t take it with you” is symbolic sacred wisdom. Existential Truth hidden in plain sight. You have the Free Will to ignore it, choosing to build your internal code of conduct around “He who dies with the most toys wins”... but that’s a Trap. Bait.

Materialism is not what it seems.

This applies to all forms of materialism, including the Flesh. Your body is not what makes you, you. It’s a disposable material object, used for the purpose of giving your internal Self a vehicle with which to engage experience. You don’t fight to save Lives, physical lives don’t matter (as you can glean from the endless struggles of natural disaster, disease, genetic abnormalities, the food chain, etc)...

The Universe doesn’t respect Life as much as it seeks to engage Spirit. It wants to test your Heart, to help you grow more Conscious of your internal Self.

As we perceive ourselves as physical beings, we presume the only way to stop injustice is to tamp it down through direct action. To fight it, physically stopping the predator. Yet violence only causes grief and despair, while perpetuating the conflict you claim to be fighting against in the first place. You may win one battle and regret your losses, as though it was worth the cost this one time… but this mindset allows every enemy that comes along next to ensnare you into another conflict with them, keeping you in low vibration. It never stops.

The path of wisdom is to Enlighten Spirits; Hearts and Minds.

When you learn the distinction between Material and Infinity, you begin to gain consciousness of the futility of change, and awaken to the real game being played behind the scenes. You gain insight into the reasons the world is a perpetual circus of incomprehensible chaos and injustices… while at the same time containing vast Beauty and Heart and Soul.

It’s not a War; it’s a School… a Holodeck set on repeat for each generation of participants that need schooling in the esoteric art of Soul discovery; Enlightenment.

The world is not meant to be truly 'fixed'. You can't fix an infinite Polarity. Yin flows into Yang, which flows into Yin, into Yang… infinitely.

The Ouroboros.

The goal isn't to change the world to better suit your desire of Utopia. Don’t view the world as being the fault of other people that need to be stopped. This is a misperception of what really holds value here, the bait that pulls one into eternal conflict.

Don’t be Evil in the name of Good.

The purpose is to change Yourself to BE the Utopia you would like the world to be. YOU do the work ON yourself. Accept the world as it is. Act when action is called upon you (but be Conscious of your response and what you truly want to learn from the experience).


“Your Karma is not what is happening to you; your Karma is in the way you experience and respond to what is happening to you.”
~ Sadhguru ~
(Yoga Guru, Mystic Philosopher and founder of The Isha Foundation)


Expect nothing to change and no reward for your efforts. That’s the trick that’s so difficult for the human experience to accept… which is what makes the illusion perfect and keeps the wheels turning in the School of Life.

Life is a Paradox.
A Perfect, Blinding Paradox.

The World is Already Perfect.
It’s You that needs Fixing.

☯ Pitch.Black.Zen ☯


”Maya’s greatest deception is to convince Man, that he too, is an animal… which incites him to act as such, and inevitably learn from his mistakes. This is the Illusion of Maya, she fools you into believing you are 'Only' Human.”
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~

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