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Theosophical Society Shirt - Helena Blavatsky - The Secret Doctrine - Spiritualism

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Esoteric insights

"Every century an attempt is being made to show the world that Occultism is no vain superstition. Once the door is permitted to remain a little ajar, it will be opened wider with every new century."
~ The Secret Doctrine ~

I’ve never been a religious individual.

Dogmatic rules always struck me as mind control for those not willing to take responsibility for their own actions. The moment i realized Mobsters used Repentance to clean themselves of Sin, I knew the Church had a high degree of hypocrisy... drenched in Gold and Blood. Nah, not buying it, thanks.

That said, I didn’t entirely discount the concept of a higher intelligence though... the structure of the world is absolutely remarkable, you have to be in denial to overlook that.

You eat food and that magically turns into your physical body, sustaining your growth as you increase in age. The trees create the air we breath. The water, rarely found anywhere else in our view of the universe, makes up the majority of all living creatures.

The fact we sleep to rejuvenate our life energy.

Even more convincingly, we find that Sleep re-calibrates our perceptions of the world we live in. A distinctly "intelligent" design for the human psyche to cope with the day-to-day. Without it, we would have already killed the entire planet.

These are NOT happy cosmic accidents...

This is intentional design built-in for the continued evolution of all CONSCIOUS beings. If that hallmark design wasn't in place, everyone would be absolutely batsh*t crazy. Everyone.

The fact we even have coping mechanisms built-in to our psychological makeup is proof enough of an Esoteric nature.

Which of course, our brings us to the infinitely complex "Emotional Body". A simply indescribable aspect of all Conscious Life. We know we have it, how it feels, what triggers some of the feelings (but not all of the feelings). We are at the mercy of our Emotional Body, which seem to teach us lessons, prods us into Growth. Spiritual Growth.

So the question isn't whether it's real or not... the deepest and most intriguing question is; HOW DOES IT WORK?

This is where Theosophy, Yoga Meditation, Esoteric Philosophy and Alchemy come into play. The playground for those willing to embrace their true nature and join the Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss.

Mankind has ALWAYS known why he is here, what comes after, etc. This information is recognized. The part man shrinks from is ACTUALLY FACING IT.

This is why Religious Dogma exists. It's a shallow form of respect for the Universe. One that shrugs off the genuine responsibility of the Truth.

The Theosophical Society may seem like another religious institution, but it's genuinely focused on Spirituality with a heavy Occult slant (Read: The Study of Esoteric Magic and Understanding of the Cosmic Structure). There is no need to join anything.

It's simply an institution trying to discover the source and details of this Cosmic design for their own personal satisfaction. Individuals trying to reach a higher consciousness of the universe.

Unfortunately, man has a tendency to run amok when unguided. The desires of his Ego tend to overwhelm his common sense. Natural impulses for power and control become the norm, while those who gain this power turn around and teach the misguided or misinterpreted lessons of division. Ultimately demonizing anything that goes against this teaching. Which creates the awfully harmful dogma we see in every organized religion today.

This is where Theosophy comes in... an institution started 150 years ago by a woman who, through some mystical experiences of her own, recognized a simple principle:

Almost all organized religions are practiced incorrectly.

Still, they all exist in strength and intuitively hold a nugget of truth at their core. What is that truth? Can all religions be combed and correlated into one cohesive nugget of information, a source of divine truth?

All dogmatic rule sets aside, what exactly are ALL religions actually pointing to, what is their most genuine purpose?

Helena Blavatsky wrote many books, though the most compelling is “The Secret Doctrine”. Based on mysterious ancient Buddhist stanzas called "The Book of Dzyan", a scripture that symbolically describes the truest precepts of the creation of the universe, that mankind is able to conceptually grasp.

The Straight Dope.

Madame Blavatsky was a Russian woman who was guided to spend her entire life studying esoteric theology under yogis and Zen masters the world over, in search of secret scriptures presumably held by some of the most spiritually advanced Buddhist orders known to mankind. An occult writing she was guided to by the “Masters of Ancient Wisdom”.

The world is now beginning to recognize that these "Masters of Ancient Wisdom" were likely the Universal Cosmic Consciousness presenting to her as an internal entity, her Higher Self.

Much the same as Socrates "Daemon" (Greek Philosophy)... Marcus Aurelius "Daimon" (Stoicism)... Aleister Crowley's "Aiwass"... Native American people's "Spirit Guides" or "Ancestors"... and the "Entities" many encounter while on Ayahuasca / DMT and high dose Mushrooms.

All these references to something "other" speaking to them is a bit of an illusion. All of these are simply references to individuals who have calmed their mind enough to recognize the Cosmic Consciousness. A natural part of ourselves. In fact, the most natural part. But that's a story for another time... 

On a side note, I'm starting to think Madame Blavatsky is the mystical woman on the cover of Black Sabbath's self-titled album. Ozzy and the band were distinctly in tune with some of these concepts. She makes sense. :D

black sabbath witch

Over decades of travel and research, Madame Blavatsky correlated all the metaphysical teachings from all the main religious scriptures (Christianity, Judaism, etc) all the way through the Indian Vedic texts (Upanishads) and to The Secret Doctrine itself. She then wrote her interpretation of what it all meant to her and how it all ties together from religion to religion (likely with the help of "The Masters").

Ultimately, she cracked the code for the symbolism found within the practice of Alchemy. An ancient mystery reaching back to Hermes Trismegistus; the scribe Thoth of Egypt.

Alchemy has always been a symbolic metaphor for the purification of Man's Soul, but only a limited number of Seekers have understood that for thousands of years.

Those who fall prey to the fool's errand of scientifically turning "Lead into Gold" in the Material World, will forever be doomed to repeat the experiments without success.

Material wealth is Fool's Gold within The Great Mystery. The misguided nature of your efforts bring no transcendence to your Life, instead becoming your infinite prison as you try-and-try again, wasting your Life away in schemes of greed and selfishness.

Alchemy is a symbolic lighthouse for the transcendence of the human soul from the bondage of the physical realm.

It appears to lure with riches, but only the wise see through this illusion of Maya. The rest are doomed to repeat, until they wake up to the game. Transmutation of the Spirit IN the physical realm is the entire point of Life. We are repeatedly told this, we all know it, yet nobody truly believes it because Science is the new frontier. Fool's Gold.

There is Truth in Science, it's simply not the Whole Truth.

The key to Alchemy is understanding the law of Polarity. The Universe cycles in perfect harmony, from Negative to Positive polarity, like a Pendulum.

If you are in alignment with this Flow of Life, you tend to feel as though life is effortless as you move with it and it carries you with it's momentum. If you are outside the flow of the pendulum, then you will feel resistance and life manifesting around as chaotic and out of order. Sound familiar?

Modern science is currently going against the Flow, and the world is following it's lead, which has lead humanity into chaotic distress.

We have refused to recognize the other half of the Truth. Not that it hasn't been known, but that we've tricked ourselves so deeply into Maya's illusion. We forgot it's there. We all have Socrates Daemon.

So the Theosophical Society’s non-religious approach to deciphering the enigma of religion in the pursuit of TRUE KNOWLEDGE is what their motto states plainly:


Spirituality is even too strong a word for what this means. Human Nature does not require a title. It does not require Dogma. The Truth is nothing more than Meaning.

Theosophy doesn't overtly advertise themselves or try to become a new religion.

They just are, simply for the sake of themselves. Any Seeker who may find their mind deeply questioning the Existential meaning behind Life. Looking for Truth.

If you happen to find them, it's likely you were meant to start Seeking. To begin walking your own path to "The Truth of the Indescribable Void in the Center of the Infinite Cosmos".

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss! :D

Are you mind-bendingly intrigued yet? Here's a brief description of the symbolism found on this shirt:

~ OM ~
The Hindu / Buddhist word for The Absolute. The Sound of Om which many meditate upon. A symbol of the divine origin of all things. The first word of creation.

~ The Whirling Cross ~
An ancient symbol used all over the world to symbolize ‘Peace’ or ‘Good’. Found all over India and Asia, this symbol was misappropriated by hate groups as a form of religious / psychological / esoteric terrorism (Black Magic). In the west it still holds that stigma, while the East refuse to allow it’s meaning to be corrupted by a misguided moment in political history. The symbol is deeper than that, representing the becoming of creation (what astrophysicists call the "Expansion of the Universe")... The Big Bang, on a metaphysical level. It’s position in the seal is relevant immediately below the OM / Aum, representing the becoming world emanating from the Absolute source of creation (the mind).

~ The Star of David ~
Two interlocking triangles representing Spirit and Matter. As Above, So Below. Polarity.

~ The Ankh ~
The Egyptian key to eternal Life and Death. Symbol of Immortality. Man Standing in the Middle.

~ The Ouroboros ~
An Occultism, Gnostic and Alchemy symbol representing the cyclical nature of the universe. The infinite existence, a feedback loop from beginning to end to beginning again. Life is fundamentally based on polarity, while the serpent Ouroboros represents the perfect balance of the seemingly opposing ends of the spectrum. Black and White are both created from shades of Gray. Yin and Yang, cycling infinitely in divinely disrupting harmony.

~ The Motto ~
“There is No Religion Higher Than the Truth”. I initially read as; Religions are inaccurate disfigurements of the truth they are trying to represent. It’s much deeper than that though, as the Theosophical Society website describes:

“The motto is not specifically about what we think of as religion. Instead it is saying that none of our commitments or social conventions or ideas can measure up to the reality of what truly is.

Reality is greater than any of its parts and is beyond all our notions about it. In saying that, the motto at the bottom of the seal directs our attention back to the word OM at the top. That word is a symbol of what truly is, of Truth.

And so the whole seal, just like the serpent, ends where it began --- affirming the supreme Truth that unites all things.“

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