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Ouroboros Shirt - All is One T-Shirt - Cleopatra the Alchemist

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Esoteric insights

The Ouroboros. An ancient Egyptian symbol of a serpent eating it’s own tail. Perhaps the most profound icon in all the symbolism of humanity.

This particular version is one of the oldest ever discovered in the works of Cleopatra the Alchemist; 299 AD. An active scholar in Alexandria of Egypt, a city housing the greatest library of human knowledge that was ever burnt to the ground... she is credited with being one of four females who could produce the Philosopher’s Stone. Quite the curriculum vitae.

The words within state:
The All is One

You’ll notice the first word is the same as the Tibetan holy syllable “OM”, symbolizing the beginning of all Creation.

The Absolute Everything; The ALL.

dzogchen zen buddhism

While the craft of Alchemy is commonly misinterpreted as the quest to turn Lead into Gold, it’s become more apparent in modern times that this process is symbolic for turning Duality into Oneness. Not a small subject to discuss, but certainly the most important subject Man can put his effort towards; Life Purpose.

The aim of alchemists, mystics and adepts is generally described as “the individual self-perfection through transmutation and spiritual transcendence”...

Read plainly, it's the conscious effort to change your heart from hardened, bitter and fearful (Duality) into recognizing the reality we are all experiencing manifests from one source, of which we are an integral part, in the illusion of separateness (Oneness).

The All is One.

all seeing eye pyramid

The snake eating it’s tail represents a theory that the universe and all the energy of existence has been recurring, and will repeatedly cycle in a self-similar pattern (think: Fractal) an infinite number of times through an infinite time and space.

Pretty heavy, huh?

The “Eternal Return“ theory is essential philosophy in Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist and early Judaic (Kabbalah) and Gnostic mysteries literature.

Later taken up by the classic Greek philosophers; Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and many others throughout history. This self-empowering philosophical view of man’s place in the universe was only cast aside with the rise of Western Christianity.

This new mind controlling view that the power of the universe is somewhere outside the individual (as opposed to the Consciousness of the Universe being INSIDE the individual, literally behind the eyes; and in-turn manifesting as EVERYTHING experienced outside of oneself).

This unfortunate power-move served to intrinsically lower the masses of people to a groveling hopeless bunch whom rely on a dogmatic structure of life that doesn’t accurately represent the empowering truth of the original teachings.

Instead, usurping the self-esteem of the follower towards the institution of the church itself. In other words, a polarized corruption of the Truth. Reframing the focus away from Unity, in favor of Division.

Mystery Schools have been keeping the secret teachings of Hermetic Alchemy alive in the world since ancient Egypt. This is the source cause of the infamous "Secret Society"... groups such as Freemasonry have quietly continued on teaching the Seekers of Metaphysical Truth who gather at their door millennia after millennia. 

This information has always been threatening to the ego-based power institutions of the planet, who have actively persecuted it’s teachings over the ages.

spirituality does not come from religion

Many of these original teachings are attributed to Thoth of Egypt, or Hermes Trismegistus the Thrice Great, by the Greeks. We are talking about the oldest historical words from the Universe, meant for mankind. The Secret Doctrine, so to speak.

These Hermetic Alchemy teachings are the root source of information for many major religions in the world...

With Judaism; the Kabbalah... in Christianity; Gnosticism... even Occult groups like Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn have their "Magic" foundations rooted in this ancient esoteric information.

Hinduism and it’s expansion into Buddhism and Dzogchen (Zen) have always recognized these teachings, though over time have been corrupted, misinterpreted or reworked to serve the larger masses who are not yet Conscious enough to recognize (and accept) their meaning.

This is why these teachings are 'hidden'; the profane are prone to violence in the face of what they fear or don't understand.

Perhaps this is why early Christianity chose to re-interpret the teachings to place God outside of Man, as the baseline consciousness of humanity was prone to ego and intense identification with the animal nature. We still are, though not as hopelessly these days.

If you’ve read this far, there‘s a good chance you already sense there's been a change in the world.

These types of teachings are resurfacing, all over the internet and youtube... as they are the most genuine guide for the development of the human spirit, illustrating how we can play nice within the immutable laws of the Universe.

The Universe is Alive. Speaking to Us. As it has since the first Ouroboros was carved into a pyramid to symbolically convey the cycle of life to all those who come after it...

All is One.

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