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Womens Wizard 33 T-Shirt - Esoteric Wisdom Seeker Shirt - Hermetic Alchemist T-Shirts

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Esoteric insights

“What we term ‘esoteric’ is not really a term for something that is unknowable or can only be known by a few. The term more generally means simply a continuing knowledge of reality which is rejected. That it is esoteric not because it cannot be known but because we refuse to recognize it. Therefore it remains a profound secret.”
~ Manly P Hall ~
(Founder: Philosophical Research Society)


This one is dedicated to all the Genuine Seekers out there.

To those who are deeply engaged in the search for the most direct experience of Reality.

To all those who seek alignment with a Higher Vibration.

To those who watch vigilantly for Synchronicity and appreciate Serendipity.

To those who have Belief in the Mystical and explore the Metaphysical.

To the Conscious Magician who studies both Black and White Magick with a Humanist Heart.

To the Hermetic Alchemists, Practitioners of Vipassana Yoga and Shamanic Occultists seeking Esoteric Wisdom and Transmutation of their Base Nature.

To the Meditation masters who have reduced, deduced and contemplated their senses into Oblivion in the search for Oneness.

To the Yogic Nihilist who faces the Existential Threat of NonDuality with a Stoic dignity.

To the Gurus, Masters, Enlightened Sages and Gnostic Druids of history that have put themselves in harms way by using their Extra Sensory insights to teach others of these gifts.

To the Astral Travelers who relentlessly try to engage the Astral Plane and seek Out of Body Experiences (OOBE’s).

To the DMT heads who find themselves studying Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and making messes in their kitchens.

To the psychedelic artists who relentlessly try to convey their abstract visions of “The Void” for others to marvel and wonder.

To those who require more than “Faith” alone; driving their lost souls into transcendence of the Monkey Mind through pure “Will”.

To the Psychedelic Skeptics who sought to disprove a Higher Consciousness; only to find themselves in a Spiritual predicament; Rude Awakening.

To the Transcendental Meditation yogis who directly seek a Conscious Awakening.

To the unexpecting Psychonauts who perplexingly find themselves exploring Paradoxical thinking through Kriya Yoga and Neti Neti.

To the Soul Searching Intuitive that has found themselves practicing the art of Ego Dissolution through Vipassana Yoga.

To the Unconscious Seekers who commit to raising energy through their Chakras in a blind search for a Kundalini Awakening, Namaste.

To the Psychics, Seers and Precogs who have overcome the madness and embraced The Gift consciously.

To the Pleiadian White Witch who suffered through unrecognized Empath and Mediumship gifts to transcend their Selfishness and evolve into Lightworkers and Healers.

To the Clairvoyant and Telepath who fear sharing what they know to be true.

To those Astral Travelers practicing Telekinesis quietly each night to prove it to themselves.

To the Awakened Starseed journeying through the Ascension Process with Crystal Magic and Selflessness practice.

To the Scientific Psychedelic Spiritualists enamored with the study of Merkaba; Sacred Geometry and Cymatics.

To those who have found The Path to Awakening through suffering Sleep Paralysis.

To the Psychonaut Shaman who has the eyes to see the esoteric insights buried within the Theosophy of Zen, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Hermeticism and other other cultivated schools of Divine thought… while also capable of holding in their mind the duality of less polished doctrines found in Shamanism, Omnism, Emanationism, Paganism, Satanism, even Scientology and Heaven’s Gate diatribes.

To the Initiates who cognize that Divine Wisdom is conveyed through ANY and ALL texts, esoterically to the individual; relegating book themes, topics and titles as simply the ‘preferred flavor’ of the Seeker.

To those who understand there is no Cosmic difference between “Good” and “Evil”; The Universe simply ‘exists’ in a Transcendent Morality… and those who are Wise enough to recognize that your actions define The Path which you must walk.

To the Bodhisattva that knows exactly where he stands, while never feeling as though he knows.

To the Buddha that lays dead on the road.

To Anima Mundi, who watches Gaia playfully provoke Shiva, while Metatron argues with the Dao about the morality of it, as waves of unconsciousness roll in silently to randomly place them on the Nod and reset the conversations back to Zero.

To the OM that’s uncertain whether it’s AUM or OM.

To the Buddha who knows the entire Universe as an extension of their own Being.

To the Witchy Pagan who recognizes Mother Nature as a communion with Divinity.

To the Alchemical students in the Mystery Schools of Thoth and the Wizards of Esoteric and Occult Knowledge.

To the Freemasons who have climbed the ladder, as well as those who have broken out of the oppression of man’s dogmatic rituals and discovered “33” for themselves.

To the Enlightened Yogi who comprehends the symbolism within Astrotheology and seeks the truest anecdotes of Reincarnation and Metempsychosis.

To the Spiritually Awakened who have wandered through the Dark Night of The Soul with only the Light of the Tao to guide their way down The Path.

To those who have mindfully worked to Illuminate their Consciousness of the Universal Cosmos, the Supernatural, and their place within this realm of uncertainty.

To the Spiritual Awakening and Illumination of Wisdom upon the Self of ALL.

To the Paradox of Life; and the Infinite Cosmic Secrets it seeks to share with those who are willing to engage this environment with pure intentions.

To all the Wizards who climb The Holy Mountain.


~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
~ Nikola Tesla ~

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