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Quantum Entanglement Physics Shirt - Oneness T-Shirt - There is No Spoon

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"Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible.  Instead, only try to realize the Truth; There is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." ~ The Matrix
This one’s gonna mess with your belief system... i’m going to explain (in more detail) why “There is No Spoon”, from the Oracle scene in the movie The Matrix.

Keep an open mind... you won’t learn anything if you block opposing ideas from your contemplation of philosophy. Ignorance makes you feel safer, but it doesn’t make you smarter. Remember, nobody has proven what “Reality” actually is.

So let’s start with the presumption that the entire Universe is generated by an all encompassing Cosmic Consciousness. Literally, all of everything we can experience in the known Universe is simply the dream state of a singular giant mind. Sounds crazy, I know... but realize, this is the sole principle which Hinduism and Buddhism are based on... it's also where the entire concept of the wildly successful "The Matrix" came from.

So we live in a dream state, a semi-illusion... a place where our own Consciousness is as integrally elemental to the realm in which we reside... meaning, the substance of our mind is literally the world outside you eyes. Our Consciousness generates our reality. The Matrix.

We are as much a part of nature, as nature is to the planet, as the planet is to the cosmos.

We are not separate from the world we live, we are integral to it. A fundamental piece of the cosmic mind, completely integrated with the environment as much as the animals are to the forest or fish to the sea... we are One with All Things, because All is One (giant mind).

Neo. One. The One.

Now recognizing how symbiotic this universe of collective consciousness could be, you can begin to realize how concepts like Magic and Mysticism come into the history of human Consciousness. It's not superstition or snake oil, but simply an understanding of the more metaphysical nature of this realm we live in.

The science of Alchemy is more accurate than Magic, as it is a science... but a science of the unseen Laws of the Universe. The laws society insists we overlook in favor of provable scientific rationality... even though metaphysical science produces tangible results, it cannot be empirically proven and is therefore ignored. A huge blindspot in the nature of popular culture. One that keeps them unconscious to higher truths that famously intermingle with this place we call Life.

This is why most people struggle to understand exactly what the phrase “Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.” actually means... they can't remove their materialist paradigm from the contemplation process... they think there MUST be a spoon!

If you are a symbiotic part of the entire universe, then there is no spoon to bend... You are dreaming the spoon.

You are the Giant Mind dreaming the Universe.
Your are the Dreamer of the Dream.
Bend the Dream.
Bend Yourself.

"In a famous debate that was settled by the Sixth patriarch of Zen, there were two monks arguing (when a flag was flapping the wind) whether it was the Wind or the Flag that was moving. And he said it was neither; it's the Mind." ~ Alan Watts


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