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Metatron's Cube - Chop Wood Carry Water Shirt - Sacred Geometry Shirt

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Esoteric insights

At a certain point in the Spiritual Awakening process ("Samadhi") you realize that you’ve been living in a prison of your own illusions ("Maya").

The evolutionary process of Life ("Samsara") is much more complex than Material Science has given credit. The universe is a living, thinking organism ("Brahman")... it IS Consciousness... and you are an auto-singularity of this Cosmic Consciousness organism ("Buddha").

At this stage, you begin to question the world from a wider universal perspective ("Third Eye"). You naturally begin to question your personal power in the cosmic order of things... how do you continue to live with this new profound knowledge of existence ("Enlightenment")?

Chop Wood, Carry Water.

An ancient Zen Proverb / Koan which illustrates the path of existence for all creatures enlightened or not...

Life may not be "Real", but it's real as long as you are living it.

You still must eat. You still have survival duties. Life still exists as you understand it to be. The difference is you now have an opportunity to explore Life from a wider perspective. The profound concept that Reality is NOT as Materialist REAL as we like to think (most people Suffer by Clinging to this aspect of Life), is freedom from illusion... which allows the mind to contemplate infinite possibilities outside the current paradigm, for many of the worlds perplexing constructs ("The Matrix").

In the process of this Enlightening discourse with the Universe, you find your mind easing and your true nature of Being becoming fixed in your daily affairs. You LIGHTEN up... and you are as FREE from anxiety, stress and concern as you will ever be in the material world.

So now you know there is more to this Life, this has been known since the dawn of Man... and yet, nothing changes?

No. Nothing changes because there was never anything different in the first place. You just changed your mind, you woke up. That’s it. The world is still the same esoteric, spiritual growth boot camp it’s always been... you simply realized it for yourself. That’s the only PHYSICAL change (read more of this website for the ESOTERIC changes).

Congratulations, you have just expand into Higher Consciousness!

This is the area of the mind where many enlightened individuals of the past have gleaned the deeper meaning of such esoteric symbolism as the Merkaba and Sacred Geometry. Their Spiritual Awareness is heightened and they are capable of pulling downloads from the Cosmic Consciousness.

We whimsically call these things "Telekinesis", but that creates a mystical atmosphere for something that is truly just "Organic".

A Communication with the environment of which we are symbiotically integrated with. This is where Freemasons, ESP, Magic, Religion and the Illuminati all got their negative connotations from... we humans love to make enemies with things we're too ignorant to try and understand. It's sad, but all part of the process of Evolution.

The world has always been filled with esoteric symbolism...

From the Pyramids of Egypt to Medieval Hermetic Alchemy, Eastern Astrology to Hindu Cosmology... all the way through to the Dogmatic Religious Sects of the modern day. Symbolism is one of the many ways Universal Consciousness speaks our human language, in an effort to visualize timeless scientific (esoteric) concepts that are otherwise impossible to accurately describe in words. From the Ancient Kabbalah to the American Dollar Bill, the human race is immersed in symbolic messages!

Why not just use words?

You mean, like the Bible... well, man has a nasty habit of corrupting that which he doesn't fully understand. When mob rules, very little truth is to found.

Symbolism stands the test of time, while words crumble away with the natural decay and adversity of life.

The Library of Alexandria burnt down 50 years before Jesus Christ took the scene... troves of priceless knowledge and wisdom, along with mankind’s earliest recorded history, simply destroyed... but the Pyramids of Egypt and Temples of India, carved in stone and covered in symbolism, have stood for 15,000 years... their stories and history still speak to us today. This is intentional, because the ancients (and the Universe) recognize that a Snake-is-a-Snake and a Cow-is-a-Cow in any language.

And of course, not everyone is ready to know the Truth...

So it is hidden from the profane masses who would burn it to the ground; while still within reach of those Seekers of Truth so inclined to look for it. This is what Freemasonry is; not Evil... but "Truth".

Alright, so what is the symbolism of the Merkaba?

In Hebrew, “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.

Light, Spirit, Body is akin to “The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost” in Christianity. As well as "Sat, Chit, Ananda" (Being, Awareness, Bliss) in Hinduism. There are many 3-way descriptors for the nature of creation. These revelations are almost always metaphorical, put into terms that everyman can grasp in his day-to-day existence.

What they point to is the Occult nature of Life... the actual construct of creation in the metaphyscial mind of the Universe.

Ideas so universally intelligent and complex, or esoteric and abstract, that the pure majesty of their intrinsic power scare most people. This is where psychedelic explorers tend to have first-hand experience with the Occult side of Life. The 'weirdness' of the psychedelic 'trip' is literally a mystical experience that offers the psychonaut, shaman, seer a glimpse of the Science of Existence; the Math of the Universe. The lexicon of Symbolism that is used in the everyday Life of the material world.

The Skeleton Key to Insight the machinations of The Divine.

This is how esoteric symbolism permeates this realm... whether it's an unusual hand gesture on an ancient statue, or the all-seeing eye floating above a pyramid on the back of the most powerful currency on the planet... Symbolism is how the Universe speaks to those with the eyes to see.

"When you start to notice the Mystical, the Mystical will start to notice you."
~ Dacha Avelin ~

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