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Esoteric insights

”Sometimes I believe that this ‘less material’ Life is our truer Life, and that our vain presence on the terraqueous globe is itself, the secondary, or merely virtual phenomenon.”
~ H.P. Lovecraft ~
(Author: Beyond The Wall of Sleep)


Mankind has an unhealthy imagination.

What men call ‘great works’ and ‘progress’ almost inevitably lead to destructive results… as man cannot help but use his imagination in ways that corrupt the core truth of what he claims he is working towards.

Science claims to be trying to understand Reality, yet goes out of its way to institutionalize the practice of ignorance (intentionally limiting its perception of potential realities if it falls outside the socially accepted norms of peer expectations). A prime example of this is the concept of Magic and the Subtle Universe.

Science and the Occult don’t mix.

The institution of Science actively choosing not to experiment and explore the potential realities of the Occult, does not make the Occult somehow “fake” or not Real. This is just plain old human ignorance dressed up in a lab coat. An unhealthy imagination telling itself not to look at ALL the possibilities, presuming it knows better.

The same blind spot applies to Spiritual and Occult practitioners.

Men take the beliefs of their social environment (The Earth), in combination with their personal experiences of this environment, adding in a large dose of hearsay from those they presume to respect the opinion of (without investigating whether this respect is actually due; especially when allowing it to alter one’s belief system)... and finally, they project this “lens” of knowledge onto the working theories of whatever it is they are trying to accomplish.

For example; most Muslims, Russians, Chinese, Germans, Jews or African Americans are NOT actually their stereotypes… in fact, the reality is quite the opposite in most cases (people are people, everyone is different in their own ways)… yet there are large presumptive belief systems around these “labels” that we try to place on things. I didn’t even mention the labels associated with the cultures above, but you still KNOW what each one of them are.

That’s the blind spot we’re talking about here.

Men take what they ‘think’ they know from the Conditioning of their perceived existence, then build codes of conduct and social laws around this perception they genuinely believe holds some form of tangible meaning that is more important than all other potential meanings. While these policies and protocols may serve as a relatively functional system of living that appears to be “the best we got right now”, that conditioned blindness does not actually invalidate what’s really, Real.

It simply ignores the actual Truth.

Ignorance is pandemic to the human condition. It’s the lazy state of mind which man prefers to reside in, as it asks the least of the individual. In some cases it’s a consciously accepted state of disregard, as no other solutions are immediately apparent, and therefore the ignorant result must be embraced to function for the time being.

Ignorance is not a functional paradigm when it comes to Spirituality and the Occult.

Men have projected vast conspiratorial themes onto the realm of occult history, spiritual truths and ultimately; Religion. The largest untruth being; Division. The idea that it’s “US versus THEM”. Man’s psyche easily buys this misperception of Polarity as the ‘only choice’ available to him. The fallacy that there are two sides to everything; and you must choose one.

This presumption completely overlooks the indivisible connection between the two sides.

If you turn a dimmer switch down, you can watch this principle in action. The light will gradually fade until it transitions into darkness. This is the actual truth of light and darkness, they are intrinsically connected at a fundamental level. Yet most minds only focus on the classic light switch version… ON or OFF… with a hard line dividing the two (despite the transition from Light to Dark still being a gradient, just moving too quickly to see). This is a metaphor which many have misguidedly built entire empires of thought upon, not even realizing the subtlety of what they don’t fully comprehend.

The purpose of Occult and Esoteric wisdom is to enlighten you to these misperceptions.

The ignorance of Men’s minds naturally gravitate towards definitions of things like “White Magic” versus “Black Magic”, as though there is some difference between the two. This perceived difference tends to evoke charged and controversial assumptions about each, particularly because the individual has chosen ‘One Side’ or the ‘Other’.

This life changing choice is almost solely based on an Assumption.

Allowing this assumption to profoundly shape their entire belief system, despite having no foundation of direct experience to accurately rely upon for this integral life decision. Allowing this blind choice to then create misguided policies and protocols in their psyche, to which they adhere vehemently and live their entire lives by… and in many cases, try to build external constructs to force others to live by as well.

“Ignorance is Bliss, but will never be True.”
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~

Trying to ignore the Dimensionality of Reality does not make it go away. You can live without exploring the Truths of existence, but in the end you will face it. Though you will Suffer the experiences of your life on a deeper level than is necessary, as you don’t truly understand the “Why” of your Life, or the lives of others you see suffering.

Ultimately, there is another dimension to this unreal reality we call “Life”.

This “dimension” (or one of many) can be experienced directly. At the very root of all Spiritual practices, beyond the dogmatic ritualism that tends to gain the most attention publicly, is Wisdom that leads to the comprehension of this fact.

Not just philosophical theory, but actual direct experience.

That’s the comprehension point that is difficult to convey. The “secret knowledge” that many surround with conspiracy and malevolent tales of boogeymen such as “The Illuminati” or “Freemasons” is NOT a secret!

It's an Open secret, in that you simply have to go look for it.

The secret is that you are either ready to experience this information, or you are not.

If you are, and you go looking for it; you become “The Seeker”. It’s there for you to experience. If you are not ready, then you live in a state of denial, projecting your misperceptions onto these boogeymen...


The reality of this “unreality” is a big topic though, it’s paradoxical. Impossible to accurately put into words, into something the human psyche can grasp in its entirety. It’s like trying to develop the most satisfying definition of the concept of “Infinity”... there are plenty of definitions, but none truly describe its profound truth in an all-encompassing statement.

Paradoxically, only an infinite series of varied example statements can thoroughly define the full meaning of “Infinity”.

This is where Esoteric Philosophy comes into play.

Since the dawn of time, Men have had mystical experiences. This fact should be consciously transcended in society by now, but it’s still under skepticism by many. The world likes to believe everyone else is crazy, except themselves. Then they build upon that misperception, as though ignoring it somehow validates their ignorance.

Philosophy is the tangible result of men who have experienced something larger than themselves.

The written work of a mind which has been incited to deeper thought, an enlightened state. An experience which has awakened them to explore it, contemplating (with guidance) upon the labyrinths of existence… returning from the Hero’s Journey to share the wisdom they realized regarding the nature of Man, Reality, Life. Everyone is a Philosopher, you just haven’t realized it yet.


“Just as Light is intrinsically intertwined with Darkness… so is Life; woven into Death. Death is not after Life; it’s simultaneous. Woven into the daily existence of Life, is Death.”
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


The concept of Death in the status quo is a misconception. We place too much weight on its meaning, to the point of scaring ourselves witless in Fear of ever experiencing it. Then Maya uses that Fear against Man, to provoke his movements.

We actually live amongst, and within, Death.

The “reality” is that Death is ubiquitous with Life, in tandem. The symbolic metaphor of traditional Death is the “Santa Claus” story for adults. In other words, that “other side” is also “this” side.

This misconception comes from believing that the human body is the pinnacle of existence, that everything in the construct of this realm is entirely based on the physical form; and when that form entropies and dies, you too extinguish entirely.

It’s the blind spot that doesn’t entertain the more subtle philosophical nature of the Senses and Consciousness. It doesn’t explore what Consciousness actually IS in relation to Oneself. It only focuses on the Material questions, which not surprisingly, continue to be mysterious beyond comprehension… a bottomless pit.

When you dismantle the building blocks of the senses through Meditation practices, it becomes apparent that you are not actually Anywhere.

Not on Earth. Not in Space. Nowhere. Despite what the outside world implies (except Quantum Physics; it already knows this)... you are not actually “Here”.

You are in The Void, right where You Started from.

Just because a holodeck feels real, evoking a real emotional response in you, still does not make it the True Reality. Turn it off and that Reality is gone. The memory remains. The effect of the experiences had inside it still left marks on your Soul… but the actual environment you had those experiences in was Illusory.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily… Life is but a Dream.

The reason material sciences can’t crack the nut of Reality, is because it doesn’t want to look at the other side in earnest. It poo-poo’s mystical experience and denies any information gained from those who have had these experiences… so it certainly does not have any of these experiences for itself, which cuts it off from the deeper comprehension of how it’s all constructed.

So you may be sitting in The Void, but that void created this Dream-State.

A complex organism, riddled with mysterious constructs reaching into dimensions we can barely comprehend, all while exuding an infinitely exquisite, awe-inspiring weirdness and beauty that wants to interact with you at any given moment.

And you are a product of this Dream-State. The Void.

You are NOT some person from some city, who’s family is like this, and who has a history of "(insert negative attribute here)"... that’s being obtuse to the reality that is available to you. The more focused reality is that you are a component of this awe-inspiring weirdness and beauty.

You are a direct piece of this action. You are a Mind created within this Universal Mind.


“You didn’t come IN to this world, you came OUT of it.”
~ Alan Watts ~
(Author: The Way of Zen / 1957)


It’s your birthright to inquire about your existence; to ask questions about where you are, what you’re doing here, and how it all works. You don't get these answers from others, the world will gladly mislead those who don't put the effort into themselves.

You have to Seek this wisdom personally if you want to experience something that is True, to you.

If you want to understand the paradox of “this side” being enmeshed with “that side”... to realize for yourself that “The Reality Behind This Reality is the Real Reality”... you just need to ask the questions for yourself. These answers are available to you, if you go looking for them.

The only way Out, is In.

The answers to Life and The Universe are inside you. Through Meditation, Psychedelics and Contemplation you quiet your mind long enough to Listen to the root of existence. The Void where you are currently sitting, that you are a part of, has the answers.

Stop viewing yourself as an anonymous amoeba in a cosmic petri dish.

Stop looking at yourself as a puny human spec of no truly significant value in an enormous lonely universe. Stop seeking outside yourself for minor validations that the physical world promises to imbue upon you if you do a certain thing or act a certain way. You are not a celebrity or a loser, you are The Universe itself. If you want to understand it; just Ask and then Listen!


“By opening your mind to recognize there are Smaller dimensions of experience that humans are not able to fully comprehend with their immediate physical senses, such as the Amoeba.

It stands to reason there are dimensions of reality which are Larger than the current human experience.

Realities which work on different paradigms than we are accustomed to expect, different worlds with different priorities. Just as humans share a cross-section of the same reality in which ants, birds or amoeba experience Consciousness, these Larger dimensions outside our senses share our reality with us.

When you realize you can experience these realities outside of our current dimension of existence, you have Awakened.”

~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


Allow your mind to stop buying the blind spot for a moment; Seek this truth for Yourself. The Universe has been trying to share this insight with you throughout recorded history.

What do you think “The Pyramids” actually are? The Vedic Scriptures? The incredibly carved temples in India? Giant Buddhas throughout Asia? The psychedelic nature of spiritual designs across the world? Psychedelics themselves? The entire diatribe of Philosophy?

All of these are various esoteric pointers to experiences men have had with the mystical, which they are trying to share. While all animals, wildlife and the immense beauty and endless details of The Earth and Cosmos are the spiritual equivalent of sharing these esoteric pointers with Man.

Life is Unreal. When you finally grasp that, it opens a multi-dimensional Universe of curiosity.


“The veil of maya which divides the world of men from the source, the world of God, is not really a structure of fabric but rather the line of limitation.

The things that lie beyond the hypothetical circle which surrounds man are unknown because they are too attenuated and subtle to be recorded by the senses thus far developed by the human race.

This invisible world is explored only by a few hardy travelers who, striking out from the human race, brave all in their efforts to chart and map the great vistas of eternity.

These daring ones are rewarded for their efforts by being accepted into the Invisible. They become citizens of two worlds, and are known as the Initiates and Masters.

Only those who have gradually learned the subtle laws of the invisible Nature are permitted to pass beyond the veil.”

~ Manly P. Hall ~
(Author: The Science of the Divine Names)

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