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Esoteric insights

”The Mind is the Slayer of The Real”
~ H.P. Blavatsky ~
(Author: The Voice of Silence & The Secret Doctrine)


This game of “Reality” that we play with ourselves is the most interesting game going.

In fact, the reason many people in this world are depressed or anxious (or any of the other psychological labels people choose to permanently apply to themselves), is due to the fact that they are focused on the wrong things in their Life.

People are seeking validation of Truths that are not only untrue, but don’t even exist.

The world which “Maya” presents to us is like a video game. You choose the games you want to play and you gain the experience from those games. Some games are easy, others hard. Some reap great benefits, others take it all from you. What you put into each game is what you get out of each game. No more, no less… because you can’t actually Win any of the games. That’s not the point of the games.

Unlike a video game though; people fool themselves into believing it’s somehow ‘real’.

Then they Suffer. They suffer the loss of whatever it was they thought they were playing for. Or worse yet, they suffer what they thought they gained (ever read ‘Lottery Winner’ stories?).

They suffer because they continually add these Wins & Losses up in their mind, then stick the tally sheet to their forehead like a badge of honor / disgrace.

It’s not always about Money either, it’s about Everything. Every last thing that goes on in most people’s lives are being tallied up and stuck on their forehead. Broke a glass during breakfast? That’s a loss. Caught a green light on the way to work? That’s a Win.

Whichever position they last experienced is where their mood will be at the moment you meet that person.

Which means, they live on a rollercoaster of microaggressions… FULL. TIME.

That is a deep-seated form of insanity. A form of chaos that most people don’t even recognize they’re engaged in, completely blind to the game that is playing them.

This global psychosis all comes down to your “Thoughts”.

When one begins a journey to truly understand the reality they are actually sitting in (not the one they whimsically and thoughtlessly like to think it is), you begin to glean deeper Truths of what really “is”... and these Truths change the way you perceive your Life within this new paradigm of Reality.

These are Scientific Truths, not vague metaphysical concepts.

While we may perceive the world in motion as a movie, Time is actually a series of ‘frames’. Each frame blends with the next to create the illusion of motion. This is where the term “Frame of Reference” comes from, a singular slice with which to base a perception against for the purpose of comparison.

Your Thoughts work under the same principle.

Everything that has happened to you in the past is simply a Memory (a Thought). Everything that might happen to you in the Future is a Presumption (a Thought). Thoughts are intangible concepts that swell in the Mind. While you may be able to turn a Thought into a tangible material object through physical effort, that doesn’t change the state of the Thought itself.

It’s Nothing.

So when you walk through your day and break that glass in the morning, you think “Dammit, I’m such a klutz!”... then you stick that ‘Thought’ right on your forehead and off to work you go, feeling lower than you did when you woke up and got out of bed that morning.

Then you do the same thing when you catch that green light, you think to yourself “Ah yes, my luck is finally changing!”... and you stick that on your forehead and walk into work with your head held high… always looking for your next “fix”... secretly hoping that the next experience will be a “green light” lifting you up, and not a “broken glass” dragging you down.

This is lunacy; allowing random experiences to define how you feel each day.

You wander through Life completely enslaved to these intangible Thoughts, these “Sweet Nothings”. And what’s worse, you tally them over the long haul. You keep track of ALL the winners and the losers in the back of your mind, infinitely playing this precarious emotional game of chance like some junkie gambler who doesn’t even recognize he has a problem. The older you get, the worse the addiction becomes. The debts rack up on the bookie sheet…

And like all games of chance; the house always Wins.

This is why people turn bitter in their old age. You can never win enough to actually BUY what you’re looking for, deep-down. The debts always outweigh the price of admission, holding you back from whatever it was that you thought you would find when you finally arrived.

You never arrive.

You never arrive because there was nowhere to get to. This is the uncomfortable Truth. This is why you see many wealthy people with stories of betrayal, family feuding, isolationism, etc… what they thought they would find when they finally “arrive”, simply isn’t there… and that realization creates a deep internal bitterness. This is why many famous musicians and movie stars end up dead before their time… they arrive; and it’s not what they thought.

From that point onwards, there’s nowhere to go but Down.

This is all the result of holding a delusion about Reality. Thinking in terms of risk/reward and then attaching the results to a tally sheet which at some point will “pay off”, emotionally. That’s a delusion. The world outside of your Mind will ABUSE your emotions, but it will never reach a point where it provides the feelings you want ALL THE TIME.

How you feel inside is entirely your responsibility.

Some people may argue things like “depression is a chemical imbalance” or “I don’t have control over my Anxiety”... and while there are medications that can manipulate these conditions, all the medications are doing is changing the individual's THOUGHTS. They are a symbolic placebo that is tricking the Mind into thinking differently. If you take Prozac for depression, but you don’t change the root thought process that’s causing the depression; when you stop taking it, you will be right back where you started.

This is why things like Prozac are usually prescribed with Psychotherapy… the pills are just giving you a break long enough to face the task of unfolding the psychological cause of the depression.

All of these psycho-emotional issues that humans carry around stem from a “train of thought”. If you learn about the thought process, you can identify the pain point and come to terms with it (Forgiveness).

The best way to learn about this elusive ‘Thought Process’ is Meditation.

Philosophy is a very profound medicine that is sorely overlooked in today's medical academia. Man is more of a Thinking Mind, than he is a Biological Monkey. Treat the Mind with the wisdom of understanding and 99% of his emotional ailments can be rectified without medication.

There is only ONE sliver of Time that is truly relevant to the human experience...


The Past is a tally of mistakes, while the Future is just wishful thinking. Banking the entirety of your emotional state on either of these options is certain to fail, every time. Which is perhaps why western civilization has such a dominant pharmaceutical industry…

People are addicted to NOT fixing themselves, assuming this is just the way Life is meant to be experienced.

They have been Conditioned like Elephants (see video above), never stopping to think that they can pull up the feeble stake that binds them to the Circus. Never taking the time to learn that they could uproot entire trees if they so wish.

Meditation, combined with the study of Esoteric Philosophy, can provide a lifetime of insight into the nature of human existence; teaching one the inner-workings of their own Mind, while illustrating the pitfalls that holding onto these common delusions can have on your state of contentment in your daily Life.

If you don’t understand this; you are Suffering.

~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


“‘Time’ is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through Eternal Duration, and it does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced, but ‘lies asleep’.

The Present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of Eternal Duration which we call the Future, from that part which we call the Past.

Nothing on earth has real duration, for nothing remains without change - or the same - for the billionth part of a second; and the sensation we have of the actuality of the division of Time known as the Present, comes from the blurring of the momentary glimpse, or succession of glimpses, of things that our senses give us, as those things pass from the region of ideals, which we call the Future, to the region of memories that we name the Past.

In the same way we experience a sensation of duration in the case of the instantaneous electric spark, by reason of the blurred and continuing impression on the retina. The real person or thing does not consist solely of what is seen at any particular moment, but is composed of the sum of all its various and changing conditions from its appearance in material form to its disappearance from earth.

It is these ‘sum-totals’ that exist from eternity in the Future, and pass by degrees through matter, to exist for eternity in the Past.

No one would say that a bar of metal dropped into the sea came into existence as it left the air, and ceased to exist as it entered the water, and that the bar itself consisted only of that cross-section thereof which at any given moment coincided with the mathematical plane that separates, and, at the same time, joins, the atmosphere and the ocean.

Even so of persons and things, which, dropping out of the ‘to be’ into the ‘has been’, out of the Future into the Past - present momentarily to our senses a cross-section, as it were, of their total selves, as they pass through Time and Space (as Matter) on their way from one eternity to another: and these two eternities constitute that Duration in which alone anything has true existence, were our senses but able to cognize it.”

~ Madame Blavatsky ~
(Author: The Secret Doctrine)

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