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Womens Mysticism 1970 T-Shirt - Hendrix Awakened Shirt - Mystic Wings Tee

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Esoteric insights

“Reality is just an Illusion trying to trick you into thinking It’s creating You, instead of You creating It”
~ OM ~


The godfather of radio technology, Guglielmo Marconi, had an epiphany. He realized that no sound ever dies. It just decays beyond the point we can hear it with our ears. Any sound is forever recoverable. His dream was to build a powerful enough device to pick up Christ’s ‘Sermon on The Mount’.

This is Mystical Thinking.

Opening your mind to the ‘impossible’ possibilities of an infinite Reality. Powerful stuff, allowing yourself to 'believe' in a world larger than yourself. Hendrix eventually came to understand this perception of Reality, as you can hear in many of his lyrics…


“Message to Love” (1970)

Well I travel at the speed,
of a reborn man

So I bring you a message,
from the mirrors (LSD) in my hand

I said a message of love,
don't you run away

Face the mirrors of your mind,
face the truth today

Well I am what I am,
thank God

Some people just don't understand,
but help them God

I said find yourself first,
and then your tool

Find yourself first,
don't be no fool


You see, you don’t become as famous as Jimi Hendrix without asking yourself...

“What the f*ck is going on here??”

Not to discount the years of practice he put into his craft, but it’s pretty obvious the legend of Jimi sticking tabs of LSD under his headband is more than likely. His lyrics imply that at some point he woke up and looked to The Universe to try and understand his undeniable guitar playing skills… a talent that is still growing in appreciation, 50 years after his mystical joining of the “27 Club”.


"Axis: Bold as Love" (1967)

Hear me talking, girl
I'm bold as love
Just ask The Axis
He knows everything


Those last two lines are about as “Mystical Thinking” an admission as one can communicate. 'The Axis' is a synonym, slang for The Universe, Source, Merkaba / Merkabah, The All, God... The center of all things which Life pivots upon.

Hendrix is stating he has already received information from The Axis.

While other songs share his “Enlightenment” in plainly veiled phrasing for those who have the ‘Eyes to See, and the Ears to Hear’...


"Are You Experienced?" (1967)

Are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have


Last but not least, this track dances around the esoteric concept of “Oneness” or "Ego-Death"; and how Self-Realization has helped him fulfill his dreams...


"Room Full of Mirrors" (1970)

I used to live in a room full of mirrors
All I could see was me

Then I take my spirit
and I smash my mirrors

And now the whole world
is here for me to see

Broken glass was all in my brain
Cuttin' screamin' crying in my head

A broken glass was loud in my brain
It used to fall on my dreams
and cut me in my bed


jimi hendrix axis bold as love

The album cover for 'Axis: Bold As Love' is a visual representation (from Hindu theology) of "Oneness" or "NonDuality". It implies the root of All Reality is just "One Consciousness" which splits itself into "Duality" for the ability to self-explore, requiring some form of 'relativity' (Life/Reality) to be able to look back upon its own invisible "Self".

In the image above, Hendrix is recognizing 'Namaste'; the Self-realization that he is simply one of these 'forms' of the greater whole, which are all connected.

These admissions are sprinkled into many of his tracks, even playing cover tunes like Bob Dylan's “All Along the Watchtower”, because the lyrics spoke to the insider sentiment of this esoteric wisdom so well. I won’t explain that one for you, but now that you see the 'secret handshake', try to decipher the Watchtower lyrics for yourself.

If you can't do it; that's a reason to study Esoteric Wisdom.

Hendrix obviously did. He "found himself" through the process of Enlightenment (Voodoo Child)... and in doing so he became the most iconic, mystical guitar player ever recorded.

Combine all that with the exceptional levels of synchronicity that helped propel him to legendary stardom. He had multiple 'right place at the right time' serendipity moments that led him to the top of the mountain (His trip to London, the timing of Woodstock). Not to mention, uber-grande ideas like burning his guitar, acid headbands, covering the 'National Anthem', and the opportunity and foresight to record thousands of unreleased session jams...

Leaving us with the infinitely unfolding Legend of his mystical gifts, which continues to awe and inspire most guitar players to this day.

Then you consider his strange unexpected Death, placing him in an even stranger ongoing 'Club' of exceptional musicians who died at the bizarre age of 27 (Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, PigPen, Curt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and many others)… and there you have the inspiration for this tee.

Just saying; Don’t underestimate the power of Mystical Thinking.

We live in a vastly unknown Universe that many believe is made of a malleable 'dream-like' reality, which runs directly off your Thoughts and Dreams. This is where infamous books like "Think and Grow Rich" (Napoleon Hill / 1937) come from, and then continue to grow in notoriety.

Manifest your power today, open your mind to things like PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), if for nothing more than your own mental health and wellbeing... or take it a step further and study the wisdom of the past, seek to cognize the ineffable aspects of Life for your own conclusions... then look for the synchronicities and serendipities; the signs and opportunities that will help guide you up the mountain to your Dreams! Then chop it down, with the edge of your hand...


"Voodoo Chile" (1970)

Well, I stand up next to a mountain
I chop it down with the edge of my hand

Well, I pick up all the pieces
and make an island

Might even raise a little sand, Yeah

'Cause I'm a Voodoo Child
Lord knows I'm a Voodoo Child, baby


These are the words of a Hermetic Alchemist who has climbed the Holy Mountain.

It's a mistake to disbelieve things you simply don't understand yet. There is no shame in trying to understand The Universe, it's your Birthright. Seek Enlightenment; become a Voodoo Child. It may lead you to places you otherwise wouldn't have thought possible. It's an invitation to join the infinite imagination of the entire Universe, and become a Player instead of a Pawn.


“To know that you are a prisoner of your Mind, that you live in an imaginary world of your own creation, is the dawn of Wisdom.”
~ Nisargadatta ~
(NonDualism Guru)

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