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Esoteric insights

"To the Mind that is Still; the whole Universe surrenders.”
~ Lao Tzu ~
(Chinese Mystic Philosopher, Author: Tao Te Ching)


Spiritual teachings have a bad habit of not telling the whole story. Relying on the whimsy of dead men, they regurgitate soundbites of insights and wisdom out of context to the greater whole. Sometimes this is unavoidable, as the world these days has the attention span of a turnip. Though this does not excuse the damage caused by half-truths.

Below is a sentiment written by myself, for you… teaching these insights can create a confusion in the psychology of the individual, as they lose their footing with delusions of a complete freedom from Reality. While there is a Truth to these feelings, there is a very important lesson that follows the cognition of these esoteric concepts. That lesson is in the video below this writing, please be sure to watch it after you’ve read.


Life is an Illusion.

The Illusion that we are NOT all part of ONE creature. A singular Conscious/Sentient entity.

The false assumption that we are not a singular Mind, is the work of the “Ego”... a marvelously clever psychological mechanism created to manifest The Illusion of individuality… for the sole purpose of Self Exploration and Discovery.

You can’t learn about yourself without something to reflect off… a mirror.

Life is that Mirror.


“Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an Awareness of You.”
~ Roy T. Bennett ~
(Author: The Light in The Heart)


Counter-intuitively, the way to discover this for yourself is to look inward.

As you can only (currently) remember yourself from a point of Duality, you have been living in a state of misperception. The only way to reverse this and realize “NonDuality”, is to engage in removing the outside world from your perception; to systematically break down your senses and conditioning into a state of pure Awareness of The Void… eventually Realizing; You Are Everything. And Everything Is You.

Meditation. Contemplation.

The Only Way Out, Is In.


Now the part that is always left out…

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily… Life IS but a Dream.

That fact does not change the circumstances of your time here though. Do some research into “Acid Casualties” and you’ll quickly discover that ACTING like you are God and jumping off of buildings because you think you can fly, quickly results in harsh realities that you already knew would happen.

Enlightenment is not a “get out of jail free” card...

It’s a “the jail is much larger than you thought” card.

So while you may not be flying through the treetops (without a little psychedelic or meditational help)... it does have a way of lifting you a couple inches off the ground each day, as you go on about your daily life, business as usual.

Chop Wood; Carry Water.

☯ Pitch.Black.Zen ☯

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