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Infinity Forever T-Shirt - Ouroboros Shirt - Infinite Space Tee

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Esoteric insights

"We tend to overlook that 'Time' sits within Infinity, it’s Relative. You experience this when a 'Good' day goes by quickly, or a 'Bad' day drags on forever. This implies that Time is tied directly to our personal perception of Consciousness, not the Outside world. Your Mind IS the Infinity in which 'Time' sits."
~ Pitch.Black.Zen ~


The Ouroboros is the earliest version of the Yin & Yang. First discovered carved in the walls of Egypt, it contains the secrets of The Universe in many dimensions. A philosophical concept which is a true esoteric symbol of depth and insight. A skeleton key to the wisdom of universal law and cosmic potentiality.

First known Ouroboros Shrine Enclosing Tutanchamun Sarcophagus

Understanding how the world turns on an esoteric level helps to cognize the seemingly unexplainable aspects of a chaotic, ever-changing environment that progressively challenges one’s ability to accept Life with Integrity. The study of occult and esoteric wisdom is a path to comprehending the madness of Infinity, and unfolding the perplexing existentialism of mortality / immortality.

Through it’s direct message of “polarity”, or opposites working in an infinite unison, the Yin & Yang is a more intuitive symbol for the uninitiated masses to contemplate than the somewhat confusing meaning of the “snake eating it’s tail”... though they both imply the same sacred wisdom.

You Can’t Win.

The structure of universal law is a polarity, you can never transcend this game. No matter how hard you push your magnetism to the South, the North will always be there waiting for you to weaken and fall back into it’s Magnetic field of influence.

To ignore this Universal Truth is to be in a state of ignorance, and this is the direct cause of Suffering.

Suffering brings loathing, and that brings Hate. Hate leads to violence, and that leads to Regret. Regret leads to Forgiveness, which leads you directly back to South. The infinite cycle of polarity, desperately trying to separate from each other in a hopeful ignorance of what truly is.

The Ouroboros symbolizes that ignorant futility.

When this realization hits you fully, integrating it into your life is a difficult process. Coming to terms with the idea that nothing is important, nothing lasts, is existentialism of the first order. It removes the misperceived value that you had previously attributed to things unworthy of that value, which leaves one floating in a form of psychic limbo. A dark place, that apparently goes on forever… and ever.

This is where Truth comes into play.

Once you have embraced that darkness, it opens the door to the Light. The realization that everything in the known Universe is infinite; including everything that makes up YOU.

As the immortal Bill Hicks so eloquently put it into Western terms…

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather.”


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