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Pitch Black Zen T-Shirt - Spiritual Yoga T-Shirts - Zen Meditation T-Shirts

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"I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it!" ~ Marshall McLuhan


If you're a previous customer of ours over the last decade, you may have noticed we changed our approach to running a business. 

The old energy of product focused e-commerce had been feeling empty for quite a while now. Making money selling cool art is great, but without any substantial meaning to our old product line it was becoming a hollow endeavor as the years pressed on. Life has to have some meaning, ya'know? Our old shirt designs were entertaining, but as the t-shirt market became over-populated with cheap thrills (and even cheaper crap for sale), we felt like something needed to change.

We weren't doing anything to help the world evolve into a better place, if anything we were stifling it's growth by impressing an importance on something that, quite honestly, isn't that important in today's global atmosphere. We love music, but selling rock tees and babbling about music trivia (on over 200 shirt designs) felt like we were just adding more junk to an increasingly junk filled planet... instead of adding something of value.

Something changed in us over the years... HipSoul Clothing slowly discovered it’s true purpose. We almost shut the company down outright. A totally successful t-shirt company, just kill it. The existential dread was strong. Until we realized our Truth, and how a 20 year old brand name had always been pushing us in this direction. It's always been in the name, we just resisted it in the pursuit of what we THOUGHT was the way forward.

"Men Plan, God Laughs" ~ Ancient Proverb

The long-term intention of the HipSoul brand is to create a casual dialog exploring hidden mystical knowledge and secret doctrine... deciphering existential mystery, magic and the occult, spiritual psychedelic exploration, alchemical self-mastery and any other meaningful esoteric knowledge that strikes us as interesting. An open exploration into the great unknown.

Over the years we've discovered a deep substance in seeking wisdom and uncovering existential truths that have long been part of mankinds history. We want to share what we've found with others in a non-religious, yet spiritually open-minded way. Think Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Ram Dass, Alan Watts and Manly P Hall... esoteric philosophy with no exoteric boundaries. The search for Truth and Meaning.

The goal is to get you thinking again. To challenge the stagnant paradigm that's making people angry, depressed and ultimately fake-happy individuals. The world has forgotten the enigma wrapped in a mystery that is Life itself... it's more than just a job, a girlfriend, a car and a house... MUCH MORE!

Every one of us is Sherlock Holmes on the case of the philosophical Truth of Life. The material world calls it Science. We call that a HALF-TRUTH. Entirely valid, but incomplete. There is more to the thought than gross matter. There is the "Thought" itself, which we blindly overlook with authoritative narcissism.

Esoteric Wisdom has been contemplated by man since the Golden Dawn of the Pyramids in Egypt... through the earliest Hindu Yogis of 1700 BC and their first love-affair with the Vedic Texts and Lord Shiva... to the Zen Masters in search of Buddha, and the greatest Greek Philosophers in the Library of Alexandria. This type of metaphysical information is beyond religion, it is mans birthright... and it's been hidden from us for way too long.

There are stories like this throughout man's entire existence...

days and lights of brahma

"The Vedas are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India. Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, the texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. Hindus consider the Vedas to be Apauruseya, which means 'not of a man, superhuman' and 'impersonal, authorless'"

This ancient info exists for more than simply bedtime stories to keep kids in-line... there have been millions of Seekers over thousands of years, and many have deep contemplations about the existential dread that most people are running from these dark days... stories that ring true on that existential level... Enlightening Wisdom. The more you look, the more there is to find. Infinite knowledge.

Enlightenment is every man’s Birthright.

It's literally what we are here to do... but the Seeker must choose the Path for himself, or stumble blindly through Dharma for multiple incarnations until he resolves his Karma.

Through exploring some of the complex ideas found in Ancient Alchemy and the Secret Teachings of All Ages, our intention is to modernize and simplify some of the more arcane concepts of these ancient writings... while also illustrating some of the visible marvels in modern times that the eyes of the blind cannot see. There’s an entire universe inside the Void!

Pitch.Black.Zen is the name of this project.
For the time being it will be the blog on

Of course, read our t-shirt descriptions as well, we don't cheap on the mind-bending insights... our intention is to develop HipSoul into a general information resource that sides as a t-shirt / art business... as opposed to the old way, which was a t-shirt business primarily.
If you dig what we’re doing, then support us by purchasing a shirt, share on social media, etc... but keep coming back for the information we’re sharing, join the conversation, get inspired again!

Life is an incredible mystery... one that we've been conditioned to forget about!

The outside world is so wrapped up in trying to seize control of the enigma, to dominate our neighbors and the Earth itself... that we overlook the fact that it IS an enigma which great philosophers have been sharing their discoveries with mankind since the dawn of time. To ignore early man's great philosophical insights into the nature of the cosmos in favor of a brutalist scientific materialism... is quite honestly, naive. Not to mention, uninspiring and depressing!

You don’t know where you came from when you were born.
You don’t even really know where you are right now.
And you definitely don’t know where you go when you die.

And you're not inspired enough to find that extreeeemely suspicious?

That’s because it is. And it’s quite well understood why.
Read on to discover for yourself...

☯ Pitch.Black.Zen ☯


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