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Esoteric insights

OM Sweet OM

"The idea that things can cease to Exist, and still Be, is a fundamental one in Eastern Psychology"
~ The Secret Doctrine ~

I wanted to write something deep for this tee... but I think just listing some of my favorite Spiritual terms is just odd and appropriate enough to convey the point better than I ever could. These words and ideas are simply awe-inspiring... Google 'em up for yourself and you'll find a rabbit hole of metaphysical spiritual concepts that are tantamount to the best psychedelic science fiction film you can think of... Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction:

~ The Sound of OM ~
~ The Void ~
~ Nothingness ~
~ Oneness ~
~ The ALL ~
~ The Absolute ~
~ Non-Being ~
~ NonDual ~
~ NonDuality ~
~ Samsara ~
~ Moksha ~
~ Kali Yuga ~
~ Night of Brahma ~
~ Pralaya ~
~ Maha Pralaya ~
~ Astral Light ~
~ Primordial Light ~
~ Anima Mundi ~
~ Celestial Occultism ~
~ the illusion of Maya ~
~ Cosmic Consciousness ~
~ Eternal Reality ~
~ Esotericism ~

Here's a few particularly interesting definitions that will bend your reality into one infinite-size black hole of Love and Consciousness:


~ Akasha ~
The subtle, supersensuous spiritual essence which pervades all space; the primordial substance erroneously identified with Ether. The Universal Space in which lies inherent the eternal Ideation of the Universe in it’s ever-changing aspects on the planes of matter and objectivity, and from which radiates the First Logos, or expressed thought. This is why it is stated in the Puranas that Akasha has but one attribute, namely sound (OM), for sound is but the translated symbol of Logos... “Speech” in it’s mystic sense.


~ Anima Mundi ~
The “Soul of the World”, the divine essence which permeates, animates and informs all, from the smallest atom of matter to man and god. In its highest aspect it is Nirvana, in its lowest Astral Light. Of igneous, ethereal nature in the objective world of form (and then ether), and divine and spiritual in its three higher planes.

When it is said that every human soul was born by detaching itself from the Anima Mundi, it means, esoterically, that our higher Egos are of an essence identical with It, which is a radiation of the ever unknown UNIVERSAL ABSOLUTE.

~ Plane (cosmology) ~
In metaphysics and esoteric cosmology, a plane of existence (sometimes called simply a plane, dimension, vibrating plane, or an inner, invisible, spiritual, supraphysical world or egg) is a theoretical region of space and/or consciousness beyond the known physical universe, or the region containing the universe itself.

Many esoteric teachings (ie. Theosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Rosicrucianism) propound the idea of a whole series of subtle planes or worlds or dimensions which, from a center, interpenetrate themselves and the physical planet in which we live, the solar systems, and all the physical structures of the universe.

This interpenetration of planes culminates in the universe itself as a physical structured, dynamic and evolutive expression emanated – through a series of stages, becoming progressively more material and embodied – from The Supreme Being: which allows from Itself the irruption of auto-Singularities, as the Big Bang, originated from Its unintelligible Chaos. Density.


Existential Dread never felt so Nothingness!

Jump in the Void!

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