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Esoteric insights

Prying Open My Third Eye

How long are we going to casually overlook the fact that millions of people are taking heroic doses of mushrooms and LSD, drinking Ayahuasca and vaping DMT?

These cosmic travelers of the Spacetime Continuum are visiting completely full-fledged alternate Universes filled with masses of various Alien beings and sentient entities housed within swirling sacred geometric temples.

These "entities" telepathically converse with the psychedelic visitor ("Psychonaut") and teach deep Spiritual lessons pertaining to Cosmic Consciousness, the Dissolution of Ego and the Alchemy of Human Behavior on the planet. Many lessons illustrate the existence of a Matrix of Materialist Illusion (we like to call “Reality”).

When the Consciousness Explorer returns from Hyperspace, back to this realm we call Earth, they are saturated with this esoteric wisdom (along with an intrinsic feeling on Oneness) and left to integrate these lessons in their daily lives.

It's generally perceived that the "Soul" intent of this process is to help Man re-identify his internal being with the Universal Mind (Spirit), as opposed to the lower animal nature of his gross matter body (Monkey). In-turn, Enlightening him to engage in the practice of Self-Mastery to improve his own personal character. The only aspect of Life which holds any true value.

In doing this Consciousness work, he walks "The Path of the Seeker"...

Transmuting his fear-based nature into a more accepting compassionate Soul. This process organically transfers to those he encounters during his Life. Ultimately lifting the planet towards a place of healing, from it's selfish, misguided destruction.

Lessons from another dimension, to help the human race become the best version of itself. Lessons which are squarely in the realm of the Divine. Chemical Transfiguration for Better Living.

Yeah. Oneness.

Did you really think Peruvian Shamanism was just a novelty for tourists and television documentaries?

That a Native American “Vision Quest” was just some ancient religious hoodoo guru practiced by savages?

Did you really buy the illusion that Alien Life doesn’t exist?

It's a big Universe man... with Multiple Dimensions.

It’s regularly mentioned in trip reports that these visits to “another dimension” feel like a lifetime, every visit... anywhere from living with communities of ‘entities’, completely embedded in their strange world / society for months at a time... all the way to experiencing previous "incarnations" over multiple lifetimes as various creatures (like past lives, for thousands of years at a time)... this can all occur within a 10 minute DMT trip. Time is different over there, or non-existent. Infinite.

When you begin to correlate DMT Trip Reports with things like Near Death Experiences (NDE), Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) and Yogic Mystical and Egyptian Alchemical adventures, there’s a lot of unusual coherency to be unfolded. This stuff is embedded in the essence of the Universe.

In case this is ALL new to you... this is ONLY new to you. This is the source nugget of esoteric wisdom which all religious beliefs around the world stem from. Unfortunately, mainstream religion watered it down for mass consumption over the years, corrupted it.

That's changing now that mankind is in the genetic age, we are rapidly discovering these Truths in our everyday search for meaning. Technology has finally reached a mindset that is capable of grasping the HUGE implications of our strangely isolated existence in the Cosmos. Exactly what early Vedic Hinduism had been teaching all along.

The message is simply; LOVE.
It always has been about Love... always.

Going back to the wisdom of the Hermetic principles being carved into the Emerald Tablets of Thoth at the Pyramids of Egypt. The great Greek philosophers at the Library of Alexandria. To the modern day psychedelic prophets of Ram Dass and Terrence McKenna. This is timeless information that mankind is just reawakening to it now, and that's no accident.

It's Evolution on a timetable, working from a much larger dimension of Time & Space.

There is a LOT of multidimensional awareness in our world these days. Your kids are likely more WOKE than you are at this point. Yeah, that’s what that phrase means at it's root. So get with it, learn more. Get better, not bitter!

Are you Aware?

mckenna dmt

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