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Womens Where the Ego Ends Yoga Shirt - Conscious Clothing - Mindfulness T-Shirts

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Do you recognize the profound meaning of the Ego?

I don't mean the puffy chest machismo from an individual who accomplished bragging rights in some mundane aspect of their life... but the true intrinsic meaning... the Lower Self.

In Spiritual terms, there are two aspects to one’s personality... 

The Lower Self; which has the personal identification of “I”, the one who identifies as a blood filled animal body, which happens to be floating on a perfectly designed rock that's flying through a lifeless universe for an infinite amount of time; for no apparent reason. The Ego. The one who likes and dislikes, gets angry and fears lots of stuff.

The Higher Self; which leans towards the innate sense there’s a more profound game going on here, the one who identifies the concepts of Love, Kindness and Personal Growth are more than just societal rules handed down by some religious institutions. The Soul. The one that senses they have a deeper purpose for their Being, the one who intuits that things actually matter.

We all have these, it’s what makes us human. Even terrorists "Love" something.

soul of the universe

In today's materialistic world, we have been conditioned to use the Lower Self almost 99% of the time. The fearful, reactionary, selfish, survival instinct, pleasure seeking animal Self. That voice in your head that says "i'm hungry, i'm bored, i don't like that thing, i like this thing"... the voice of your unconscious.

That unconscious voice has been dominant in society for thousands of years as our main tool for survival. It's a voice we all listen to without ever questioning whether it actually has our best interest in mind. It's a stranger in our head that tells us what to do... and we LISTEN TO IT!

This "voice" gets us in all sorts of trouble that we don't even realize... physical, emotional, energetic.

You didn't need that extra piece of cake, but you ate it... you didn't have to cheat on your partner, but you did... you don't need to hate so many things, but you argue with the TV about politics... you know you do these kinds of detrimental things to yourself, but you still do them. You may even ask yourself why you do these things? Then shame yourself for not understanding why they happen. This is the stranger in your head, rampantly out of your control... making your life miserable.

This is the voice we NEVER stop to recognize or control; even though it screws us over (emotionally) each day.

In contrast, the Higher Self is that deeper sense behind it all... the intrinsic intuition that's built into your core being. The part of you that just wishes for world peace and harmony among all living creatures. The instinct that dreams you will fall in love and live happily ever after. The nagging feeling you get when you choose NOT to give a homeless man a dollar and just sit in your car averting your gaze until the light turns green. The internal pressure you feel when you have to Lie to someone's face. Even the little voice that tells you to brush your teeth, be nice to people... to know better.

We stifle this voice, almost 100% of the time these days...

We've been conditioned by the fear of the outside world to act in ways that protect us from that seemingly insurmountable chaos. This seems like the only way to cope, or so we've been trained by our media and societal norms. This is a shame (and arguably a conspiracy), as the reason for all that insurmountable chaos IS the effect of this cause.

Read that last line again; The Reason for the Chaos IS the Fear.

We have the means to change the world, we simply don't EVER stop to consciously recognize the source of the corruption. We've allowed our animal instinct to define what our society should be... even though we all know better, we have trusted those (voices) that came before us, to tell us what's right and what's wrong... trusting that they know best, against our own intuition and better judgement. That's exactly why the world is in disarray.

We've convinced ourselves to live scared.
And that's exactly what we do.
And it sucks.

The irony is that Ancient India (going back before Christ) has been expounding the way out of this path of destruction, through Yoga and Meditation we discover this distinction in ourselves. We have always had the answer, but we've been trapped in Maya's illusion of Lower Self for thousands of years. We've corrupted the pleasurable game of Life through blatant ignorance, and we're systemically depressed and unhappy with our lives because of it.

To the point of self-destruction... while the entire purpose of Life is Self-Realization. 

That's now changing. You can see it in the media. In the way humanity is protesting. News anchors publicly quitting their jobs in apology for their contribution to the disinformation. In the very public discourse for world leaders to stop scorching the Earth and get in line with the will of the people. Meditation is working, because it's fundamental Truth is Nature. Man can push his will upon the world, but Man is still born a piece of Nature. When you begin to Self-Realize these things, you recognize the futility of Fear and the folly of Egoic man trying to dominate a Nature that he is integrally part of... it's Man trying to dominate himself. #rollseyes

The Higher Self is currently ascending in the global population. You can see it in the politics, the people, the news... even the animals. People are waking up to what matters to their internal ideals, they're acting upon their true selves rather than tolerating the destruction of everything peaceful in this world. Change is upon us.

This is where the Ego ends.


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