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Esoteric insights

Have you ever had Sleep Paralysis?

You know when you can't move and it feels like there's a presence in the room with you... sometimes this presence results in a Succubus type of interaction, or even a classic "Visitation" scenario with moving lights outside the windows. Yeah. That's getting into the realm of the Astral Travel, that's the place.

you are energy

I personally experienced both the Succubus and the Visitation scenarios when I was younger, had no idea what either of the experiences meant (and I was very skeptical to accept "Aliens" as an answer, as this was the early 90's when those ideas feel squarely into Conspiracy Theory)... but later in Life, I had an experience where i just barely fell asleep and noticed i had slipped into the realm of sleep paralysis (night terrors)... I was bracing for some scary (powerless) feels to go down... yet, that's not at all what happened. I started floating.

I'm not talking about some weak floaty feeling... i mean a thick, intense, atmospheric out of body experience; like I was in ectoplasm.

I was laying there with my hands and feet crossed (yes, like a mummy)... the blanket up to my neck, some electronic music on the radio next to my head on the nightstand... just ready to doze off, when the room gets windy. I don't mean blowing across the room, like in nature... i mean like a vortex, on both sides of my body.

I was used to sleep paralysis at this point though (to the point of psychically confronting the Other and engaging the situation), so i didn't panic or try to wake up... it was actually fascinating, so I went with it... allowing the wind to lift me up about 3 feet off the bed... which got stronger and more etheric the higher i was raised. I tried to keep it going for as long as I could, but it eventually calmed and I fell asleep. It was intense though, very "real" feeling.

I wouldn't call that proper Astral Projection, perhaps Lucid Dreaming... but it gave me a casual perspective on the genuine potential of Remote Viewing and the classic energy arts.

Many have trouble accepting these things, but once you experience it, you slowly gain an appreciation for the reality. Lest we forget, nobody on Earth is absolutely certain what "real" actually is. This realm is illusory. And as Hinduism and Buddhism have been teaching for eons, the the world is created in the Mind. What you believe is what is possible. Infinity is Infinite.

lucid dreaming

That said, having heard multiple stories from those I know personally, as well as the Travels of other famous spiritual seekers such as Ram Dass... and of course, the infamous 70's government funded "Remote Viewing" CIA program run by Russell Targ for over a decade... it's quite clear to me this is an area of metaphysical existence that everyone should try to enjoy for themselves! Humanity is evolving and these elements of our nature are beginning to manifest more prominently in society... 

Welcome to the new world!


~ YES - Astral Traveller (1970):


And in the ruins of the balloon
Stood a man with glasses held high
Wondering when to do it again
Have another fly into the sky
Somewhere flying high

Astral traveller
Leaving without her
Wandering where lights go
Leave out the body load

Once in the air, people who dare
Get a great respect in being
Astral traveller
Heavenly flight wondrous night
And all the sights worth seeing
Astral traveller
Just believe in


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