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Esoteric insights

There are multiple forms of illusion in this impermanent existence we call Reality.

There's the metaphor of the free mind caged in the materialistic reality of modern society; with films like "They Live" and "The Matrix" touching upon this aspect in their own way. This is first stage Meditation stuff, breaking your mind free from the illusion the modern world sells us at birth.

Don't forget, outside of this chaotic "Work > TV > Sleep > Work" communal infrastructure we all unquestioningly abide by; you are a sovereign cosmic unit.

You don't need to live this way. You are NOT trapped... unless your greed and desires get the best of you, you are FREE to walk away at any time! The physical world is insistent with it's shackles, but you can always go live "Off the Grid". Nothing is truly stopping you from living differently. Which bring us to the second illusion; The Inner Self.

You may live outside the physical chains that bind, but your inner world is a much stronger prison... it knows you.

It IS you after all, you can't escape yourself.

Have a look at our "The Ego Ends Here" shirt description for deeper insights into the relative nature of the Ego. How a blind ignorance of the working mind is making you depressed, keeping you living in a state of perpetual suffering at every little event that doesn't go your way.

This is next level Meditation craft, helping you unchain your psyche from it's ruthless bashing of your self-esteem and happiness. Cuz we all know life is hard, people are mean, and "F*ck that guy that cut me off on traffic!". Right? Everything is just so unfair in the real world, and it's all out to inconvenience you personally. Just you. Only You.

That brings us to the illusion of the Real World or "Reality" as we like to call it...
a place that's perhaps not as "Real" as we've been conditioned to think.

the illusion of reality

Now you're probably thinking "yeah whatever dude, this kind of stuff is spiritual hoodoo guru"...

Sure, to the uninitiated and purposefully ignorant... if you ignore the thousands of years of psychedelic drug use on the planet, going back to the Amanita Muscaria mushroom referenced in some of the earliest religious documents known to man... you could chalk it up to wishful thinking or metaphysical pseudo-science.

Except we now have Quantum Physics.

The literal fabric of our perceived reality has been coming into question within the science communities of the last 50 years.

The profound implications of Entangled Particles has massive potential to disrupt the way man perceives his environment.

This hasn't been discussed publicly in a widespread manner that educates the mass population, because it's an extremely threatening idea. The controversial and enticing power of "The Matrix" film can illustrate the threat to a controlled (manipulated) society that a Truth like this could unleash. Power structures don't want to talk about these things with the general populace.

They can't hide it, but they won't advertise it.

Science itself is beginning to gain this clarity though... and as an institution they simply don't know what to do with the information, yet. It conflicts with just about every traditional scientific view of the Universe. It goes against everything that many people believe about Life. This is existentially disruptive wisdom...

The environment in which we live, is Sentient.

It should be noted, this is exactly what Indian Yogis and Buddhist Monks have been teaching The Seeker for literally 5000 years now. Wise men have been trying to get the world to recognize these things since the beginning of recorded history. Animism is one of the world oldest beliefs, yet scientists refuse to entertain anything which isn't a repeatable pattern of provable theory. Mysticism is a personal experience, so Science tries to ignore it.

That said, Quantum Physics is finally pushing the modern scientific institution into facing psychological truths they don't like...

Science is literally playing catch-up, finally discovering what the naked Yogi dudes sitting in Himalayan caves seeking Enlightenment were writing about in 5000 BC... lol!

Science isn't being discovered, it's being revealed. If you begin to genuinely contemplate the implications of this crazy paradigm, you slowly realize the world has been trying to coax you into taking interest in your own metaphysical existence throughout your entire Life. All of our lives.

The Secrets of The Universe are literally build into the fabric of everyday Life... Are you Experienced?

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