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Om T-Shirt - Third Eye Puppy Shirt - Namaste Yoga Shirt - Spiritual T-Shirts

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Esoteric insights

Do you truly recognize the spiritual meaning of the Third Eye?

This esoteric secret is lovingly teased in the Hindu greeting; Namaste... which generally means "The Divine in Me Bows to the Divine in You"... implying there is a Divine Spark in all living things, and the greeter see's or recognizes that Divine Nature in the individual they are speaking to.

As you tread further down the path to self-actualization (Enlightenment), deeper wisdom becomes apparent... such that, this Spark of Divinity is found in Everything; your entire environment is imbued with Divinity. When you deeply contemplate Life it becomes clear; how could it be any other way?

Everything Lives. The whole of the Cosmos is a living entity.

An infinite Conscious Mind, of which we are all a particular expression... just as your Puppy is... just as that Mountain is... just as the Sun is. Everything from the smallest rock to the air and water we breath... a living, singular Conscious entity.

We are all One with this Cosmic Consciousness. One Consciousness sharing multiple viewpoints. Oneness.

When your Third Eye is truly open, you begin to recognize the environment in which we reside is directly looking back at us. Communicating with us in various subtle ways. Trying to gain our attention, to help us realize our true potential in the grand scheme of the Cosmic Consciousness.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), there is the law of Free Will... this environmental living entity will not interfere with our ability to choose our actions freely (this is how Life unfolds organically)... and so, it won't reveal itself to us overtly. It does make itself known though, and it can be reached with the eyes to see it.

mystical vision

The modern world is slowly beginning to realize enlightenment of these realities again.

Yoga and Meditation are becoming household names throughout the world... Synchronicity and Serendipity... Law of Attraction... Manifestation... even the the growing acceptance / potential of Alien Life in the Universe... this is an indicator of minds opening up again. Consciousness is rising.

Don't believe me?

I don't blame you... but have you ever masturbated in front of your dog and felt like there was something off about it? LOL... it's like there's some kind of intelligent presence in that puppers eyes that is more than the 'dog' you think it is... it KNOWS what you're doing... and it Loves you, but it see's you... and you feel it as though there were another human being in the room, watching you. There's wisdom behind those eyes.

Dog spelled backwards...

The "Sound of Om" is that tone you hear in your head while sitting in absolute silence... the sound of the Universe. Various scriptures in all the major religions attribute this sound to being the first word of creation. The most profound potential action contemplated by the Conscious mind. The first sound, which created the first word, which began the creation of all things. There is no larger action that man can imagine... besides the polar opposite of that idea; Destruction!

So this may just be a cute shirt with a little three eyed puppy dog saying OM... but in a larger sense it's (Dog spelled backwards) stating that the third eye IS Life itself; always staring back at you. That the Consciousness behind that eye is the great mind who first uttered the Sound of OM.

And not to forget, that great mind is behind your own third eye as well...

It's You.

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