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Womens Manifest T-Shirt - Magic Wizard - Law of Attraction Shirt

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Esoteric insights

"A wise witch knows; the Shadows come from the Light."
~ Dacha Avelin ~

What the world used to call Magic, Occult, Wizardry and Miracles... is now called "The Law of Attraction" or "The Secret". Manifesting Your Desires through persistent positive mental intention, affirmations.

They used to burn wizards and witches at the stake for using their "intentions" and "intuitions" to influence those around them. Now we celebrate these actions at yoga and meditation centers around the world.

Magic is real, always has been... we just don’t like that word anymore, it scares us.

The truth of the matter is becoming more apparent these days, it’s literally manifesting in the global Consciousness... there is an Ascension process in motion these days, things are changing for the better of the human race, and millions of people are actively engaged in the process, whether they realize it or not.

Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Law of Attraction, The Matrix, Vegetarianism, Higher Consciousness... 

Magic is rising to the surface of the human existence, making itself known again... just as it was in the past. In fact, it never really went anywhere. The status quo of civilization simply chose to stop identifying with it. That is what's changing, people are waking up again.

Cosmic Consciousness.

Existential insights that have been known since the dawn of mankind’s recorded history are slowly permeating the atmosphere of life. The age of evolution is in motion. And it's visible. You wouldn't be trying to Manifest anything if you didn't see it for yourself. You see it, you feel it, you know it. And you currently have an active role in it's visibility... you are a part of it right this second!

You see, people are sick and tired of the mess society perpetually creates... we're tired of everything feeling like Doom.

We have an intuition that things are false, plastic, fraudulent... but we repeatedly ignore these signs of our obvious nature (Higher Self), in favor of an egotistical blindspot that does nothing but make us anxious, depressed, and feeling Doomed by the negative results we continually Manifest.

We ignore the metaphysical nature of our reality and smother ourselves in hard science, materialist selfishness, competitive division... all of which kicks open the door for perpetual war. Which make us feel Doomed. We do it to ourselves.

sad peeps

Man thinks he’s alone.

In that loneliness he thinks he can do whatever he pleases and it will all work out (if he simply doesn’t get caught). That’s a naive mistake that the Universe is self-correcting as we speak. Cosmic Consciousness is on the rise, the rules of the game are beginning to be revealed to the unconscious masses.

Civilization is coming into a new age of Enlightenment.

A prophecy of the stars going back to the Hindu Vedas (the end of Kali Yuga), the Mayan Calendar (2012 Prophecy) and even ancient Egypt (like, Immortality!)... you can see this happening in the world if you have the eyes to see. Magic baby, it’s back!

The Magic of Cosmic Consciousness.

It ain’t free though. The rules are explicit. White Magic (selfless intent) comes at no cost. Black Magic (selfish gains) take the toll from it’s user... to manifest selfishly (low vibration) is to expect a loss for yourself, and endure the energetic suffering associated with that loss as retribution for using Black Magic. Metaphorically like "Violence Begets Violence", a price is paid. The harmony of existence is in the act of Selfless Love... anything other than that, the individual pays for in a localized loss to one self.

The Universe is Kind, Man is Not.

Don't confuse the two. If you’re trying to manifest something, you need to have a pure heart behind it’s intention. The Universe isn't going to gift you a million dollars just so you can turn into an entitled bitch! Nah, the name of the game is self-mastery (inner-engineering); the art of recognizing and controlling your emotional triggers and conditioned illusions.

The purpose of your Life is to improve your internal self, that's it.

The reason the world is a mess is because of us. The name of the new game is to recognize our flaws and illusions, so we can stop using and abusing those around us for our own selfish co-dependent motives. If we do this personal inner-engineering work, our natural state of existence will gracefully improve the life of those around us with our own good nature...

You set the example, because it's good for YOU first.

When you consciously hold your own selfishness and dependency-based motives accountable, it tends to hold others accountable as they see you setting boundaries against things that are not good for your well being. Many people will follow a strong lead, it shows that you know who you are... people tend to respect this trait in others. They also "go with the flow" because they intuitively know that's a peaceful place to exist... being in Alignment with the natural laws of the Universe is a pleasurable feeling. Nobody loves conflict, we only endure conflict.

Teach Peace.

As we all do this over time, this new Consciousness paradigm will organically improve the world at large, without resorting to political protests and standing army's waiting to kill the enemy. The peaceful protest comes from truly recognizing the game we're playing in this realm, then doing the work on yourself. The resulting change in the world doesn't need your violent attention, your fight... it propagates organically by the peaceful way you now interact with your surroundings...

You change the world by changing yourself.

It's like a big "pyramid" scheme to make the world a better place to live for everyone... while at the same time, refining your individual spirit in preparation for graduation into the next realm of existence. :D

Magic is real... but it comes with stipulations to be effective.

It requires the individual to self-improve, to use the classic process of Hermetic Alchemy to turn Lead (ego, selfishness, greed, duality) into Gold (consciousness, selflessness, forgiveness, oneness). Transmutation. Spiritual Purification.

Seek Enlightenment and you will fully understand the mechanics of Magic and Manifestation. Everything for you is already Manifest, there is no lack in the world. You just have to learn how to claim it properly. Don’t wish, don’t beg, don’t complain.

Simply Get Better.
Stay Better.

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