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Zen Master of Duality Yoga Shirt - Mens Yoga Clothing - Zen Meditation T-Shirts

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A philosophical premise rooted in the mystic arts of Alchemy and Yogic Meditation.

NonDual is a self-realization in the early stages of Enlightenment where the illusion is broken and the individual begins to recognize his existence is NOT solely as an "individual"... metaphysically AND physically... he is a slice of a larger whole.

This "Spiritual Awakening" is profound and humbling, as it forces one to reconcile the state of ignorance they have lived in, up to that point. This newfound "reality" causes a psychological paradigm shift which involves many internal reviews and reorganization of values and beliefs. It takes work to become a better person.

This process is also extremely disorienting... feelings of deep depression, disillusionment, and depersonalization. The Dark Night of The Soul. It's difficult to feel profoundly removed from society, and still put the effort into rejoining the world from this new cosmic perspective.

I should mention, it's also the most empowering thing you can experience in this Life. There is no other human experience that compares with overcoming the true depths of that existential dread we all hide our faces from.

The wisdom of reality is a monster in your closet... that just wants to hug and kiss you and help you become the best you can be, for the benefit of yourself and the unconscious world who haven't yet realized their Higher Self.

So this one goes out to all WOKE folks who have pressed on with their Self-Mastery and are Becoming. You are walking the walk.


"There are within man faculties of the soul which, if developed, will enable him to perceive this inner world, so that it will become possible for him to explore and to study it precisely as man has explored and studied that part of the world which is within the reach of all.

These faculties are the heritage of the whole human race; they will unfold within every one of us as our evolution progresses; but men who are willing to devote themselves to the effort may gain them in advance of the rest, just as a blacksmith’s apprentice, specializing in the use of certain muscles, may attain (so far as they are concerned) a development much greater than that of other youths of his age.

There are men who have these powers in working order, and are able by their use to obtain a vast amount of most interesting information about the world which most of us as yet cannot see.

Let it be clearly understood that there is nothing fanciful or unnatural about such sight. It is simply an extension of faculties with which we are all familiar, and to develop it is to make oneself sensitive to vibrations more rapid than those to which our physical senses are normally trained to respond."

~ C. W. Leadbeater 


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Black / XS - $25.00