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Storm the Gates of Heaven T-Shirt - Seeker T-Shirt - Shaman Shirt - Prying Open My Third Eye

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Esoteric insights

Storming The Gates of Heaven:

Taking heroic doses of psychedelic drugs (such as LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca or DMT) to have a personal existential conversation with the mind of Creation. Usually resulting in an Ego-Death experience with the revelation of Universal Oneness (opening the Third Eye).

The 60's introduced psychedelic drugs into the modern man's Consciousness, but psychedelic brews like Ayahuasca have been used in Shamanism as far back as civilized history can recall.

Spirit Journey, Sweat Lodge, Purification, Retreat... these practices are still in use all over the modern world in many indigenous cultures. It was only in the 60's that Puritan Western Culture has begun to wake up to it.

In the last 10 years, this "introduction" has had an express resurgence with the introduction of highly potent vaporized DMT... the strongest (safe) psychedelic drug known to man.

Dubbed "The Businessman's Trip" for it's short 10 minute exoteric (external) effect, while the DMT travelers esoteric (internal) experience is outside the realm of time & space; God Space. Infinity.

Through these journeys, many return with personal spiritual revelations into the nature of Self and the future of the human race. In short, some glean insight into the meaning of Life.

The same type of revelations which religious prophets of biblical times would go to extremes to experience, starving themselves to near-death for a mystic encounter with the Divine... now high school kids are experiencing during a bathroom break.

The re-introduction of these drugs into the modern world seems to coincide with ancient Hindu cosmology regarding the transition of Kali Yuga to Dwapara Yuga.

As well as the very public re-introduction of Ayahausa and DMT into society, quite uniformly fits in pattern with the 2012 Mayan Calendar "apocalypse" prophecy.

This apocalypse wasn't the physical destruction of the planet, but the metaphysical energy of Life being upgraded to force a confrontation with the old energy that mankind has lived under for thousands of years; an evolutionary change.

This is one of the many ways change in the evolutionary path is instigated... through the environment.

Through the natural order of human habits, the Universe speaks to man in his own language so he is certain to hear it. Pay attention to your environment and you may discover your own connection during these revolutionary times.

Meditate; Fade to Black.

If do a little research on the topic of Enlightenment, you will find millions of people trying to understand why they feel so out of sorts and lost in life, particularly these Pandemic years. New-Age Seekers just now explaining their own Spiritual progress through "Ascension" and "The Dark Night of The Soul" on the "Path of Enlightenment"...

While Hindu and Buddhist theology has been trying to awaken mankind to these Spiritual realities for eternity.

This stuff is NOT a secret. The 60's spiritual psychedelic term "Storming the Gates of Heaven" is a testament to that. We simply don't pay attention to the signs that have persistently followed mans history generation after generation...



Revelation: The Divine or Supernatural disclosure to human beings of something relating to existence or the cosmos and/or our world. It is something that is revealed by God unto Humanity; especially an enlightening or astonishing disclosure. Although Revelation is often associated with disaster and chaos, the word itself means "the revealing of divine truth". An act of revealing or communicating the Divine Truth.

The word "Apocalypse" is from the Greek... Apokálypsis; translated as “Disclosure” or “LIFTING THE VEIL”.

We experience this spiritual process naturally in accordance to our level of consciousness, perception, and awareness.

It can also occur spontaneously through a random “epiphany” (an appearance, manifestation or encounter of a divine being; a sudden perception of the essential nature, meaning, or purpose of something; an intuitive grasp of reality).

We are truly living in apocalyptic times. The mass awakening of consciousness is at hand. The great unveiling is happening now and the amount of information and truth being exposed is occurring at cosmic proportions.

ALL is being revealed - for those with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear.

~ The Library of Thomas ~


There's an Evolution going on, brother!

The Evolution Revolution.


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